How to Look Good While Keeping Fit

Let’s face it, the business of keeping fit can be hard work and it can take a lot of motivation for you to get up and get out there. One way of finding that motivation is to ensure that you dress the part. Looking good will help you to feel good and will help to dispel any lingering self-consciousness that you may feel about exercising in public.

So how do you look good while getting fit? The most important place to start is to ensure that your workout gear is tailored to your activity, so that you can feel comfortable while you exercise.

Yoga classes

Yoga is an increasingly popular exercise option, combining a serious physical work out with a meditative element and a boost to your wellbeing. There are different forms of yoga exercise, but whatever type you are practicing, the key is to be comfortable during your sessions and to wear layers. During the session, the typical option is a jumper or a long-sleeved top, along with socks and pants. These can be anything from tight yoga pants to more floaty options, normal leggings or capri pants. The key is comfort and ease of movement to maximize the benefits of your yoga class.

Gym and running

Whether you’re pushing through a tough cardio or treadmill session at the gym or going for a jog, the two most important items of clothing are a properly supportive sports bra and specialised running trainers. The sports bra is essential to prevent your breasts from hurting as you go through your workout, while the right trainers will be vital to support your feet, legs and back. This is definitely one area in which you don’t want to cut corners when choosing your exercise wear.

Get the right shoes

Running shoes are ideal for treadmill, cardio or jogging but not so good for weight sessions, as they tend to compress, which makes it harder to generate power. If you’re undertaking more strenuous weight-based activities, you need to opt for training shoes with firm soles, or possibly one of the hybrid types of shoe that provides strong soles for weights and support for jogging.

More on support

Support isn’t just about ensuring you have the right sports bra and training shoes. There are other ways to ensure that you are fully supported during the rigours of exercise. Slimming shorts are one type of compression shorts for women that are popular with many who exercise regularly. Like most compression clothing, they offer support for the important parts of the body that come under most stress during exercise, but they can also help you to feel good and slimmer while you workout.

Colours count

You take time to ensure that the items in your non-exercise wardrobe match and complement one another and it should be no different when it comes to exercise outfits. Neutral colours are generally better, but the precise shade you go for matters less than the fact that you co-ordinate your exercise outfits so you won’t feel self-conscious when you exercise. Another tip is to opt for black clothes, as these have the benefit of disguising sweaty patches and can help you to look slimmer.

Get the right fit

There is a natural tendency when choosing your exercise clothes to opt for baggy over tight-fitting, particularly if you are a little self-conscious about your body. However, as with non-exercise clothes, baggy clothes don’t really hide your body, they are more likely to draw attention to it. Additionally, having your clothes flap around while you’re exercising puts you at risk of accidents, and makes it harder for you to see whether you are displaying correct form. Make sure that your exercise gear fits neatly, enabling you to exercise freely without being baggy.

Cut the cord

Listening to music while you’re exercising can be a positive thing and can help with motivation and with mood while you work out. However, wired headphones can easily get in the way, whether you are jogging through the woods or trying to lift weights. It also marks you out as a newbie! A better option is to invest in a pair of over-ear or wireless headphones. Some of these even have the advantage of doubling as fitness trackers, which can be a handy supplement to your routines.

Getting up and getting moving can take a little extra motivation, but by ensuring that your workout clothes are stylish and suitable, and that they provide both comfort and support, you will be removing one more potential psychological obstacle to getting fitter.