How to Create the Perfect Fall Living Room

Fall is many people’s favorite time of the year, a season of spectacular foliage, cooler days and bright sunshine, perfect for long walks and getting out exploring nature. There are fewer tourists around, so you can reclaim your local beauty spots and nature trails, and there’s plenty to look forward to before the winter. If you have an eye for design and like to ring the changes in your home, this is a great opportunity to makeover your living space with a fall theme. The good news? With a fresh styling concept, deep carpet shampooer, and a lot of love – a fabulous fall transformation is well within your grasp.

Preparing for your makeover

Planning well is essential if you want to ensure the job runs smoothly and you get the right results. If it’s possible to clear the room of furniture and other contents before you begin that will make things a lot easier, or if it’s too much of a problem, take out as much as you can, then move everything that’s left into the middle of the room and cover carefully with dustsheets. The next step is to give the whole room a thorough clean from top to bottom. If the room is carpeted, book a professional cleaning company like My Technicare to give the carpets a deep clean.

Designing your room

There are some stunning fall paint colors available, ranging from deep, bark-colored browns to vivid oranges. If you have a specific color in mind, for example, if you’ve been inspired by a particularly beautiful leaf, go to a hardware store that can color match your paint for you. You could try using two colors that complement or contrast, depending on the effect you wish to achieve, for example, a deep chestnut feature wall with the other walls painted a paler shade of brown or grey. If you use plain colors, you can always add interest with transfers featuring leaves, fungi, and other fall-based ideas. There are also many wallpapers and wall-hangings available that have a fall theme, so it’s worth investigating these options as well. Wall-hangings are an effective way of creating a feature wall, such as a view of a woodland scene, that can be easily affixed and then changed again in the spring.


You can take the fall idea as far as you want, and go for leaf shaped cushions, or harvest motifs on the curtains. Alternatively, you could opt for some custom made curtains that will be perfectly suited to your home’s interior. Or you can underplay it with hints of fall rather than a bold statement, using the shades of the season without being too obvious. This will depend on your taste of course, but in either case, there are some clever ways to accent your room with a fall theme. For example, bowls of pine cones, hand-carved wooden toadstools as ornaments, the use of tree trunks for tables, and fall scented air fresheners are all effective ways of adding a subtle yet stylish touch of fall to your room.

Changing your living space to reflect the season is a great way to make use of your design skills and give your home a fresh look.