How To Create An Italian Style Garden For Your Home

If you have ever travelled to Italy, then you no doubt observed how stylish their gardens are. Even the balconies are all tastefully decorated and feature plants of all kinds.

The air is thick with the smell of flowers and there is green everywhere you look. When you get home, you look at your drab garden and wonder how you can jazz it up like an Italian would.


It isn’t difficult, but it does take some creativity and a plan. In this article, I will go over some ideas that can transform your garden into something from an Italian villa.

Have a water feature

Fountains are very important to Italians and have been since Roman times. They are almost always at the center of every piazza and are often central to a garden.

They can be as simple or elaborate as you like, but having an outdoor water feature is important. 

Water is used to cool the air around the fountain which is important in Italy as summer can be sweltering. 

They also look spectacular and add a lot of Mediterranean style to your garden. Besides their cooling properties, they also add a relaxing element by the soothing sounds of bubbling water. That sound has a meditative effect and will help your garden become your relaxing oasis.

Keep it green

The characteristic of Italian gardens is that it is heavy on a variety of plants. And many of them are edible. You should use your space to plant lots of herbs to enhance the scent of your outdoor space and your cooking at the same time.

Rosemary, lavender and sage are all very hardy and will add very Mediterranean aromas to your garden. And they look really pretty. You can add to the charm by planting them in some unique concrete planters

Fruit trees are also a must in every Italian garden. If you have the space then add some peach, plum and apple trees. Then enjoy their fruits that they will give you after just a few years after planting.

If your space is limited then a small kumquat plant will add an interesting look and the fruit are also quite delicious.

Lastly, line your walkways with flowers of all varieties according to what grows best in your climate.

Add shade

In addition to any shade you get from trees, you should also enhance with some awnings or a pergola. This will give you a space where you can enjoy the cool evening breezes and stay out of the hot sun. 

With the right furniture, you can have a peaceful little corner of your garden set up for reading, having a cocktail or just taking a quick midday nap like a true Italian.

One thing that is also important to have with an Italian garden is a sense of proportion. Use your space wisely and try to make sure there is balance between the elements. Italians practice restraint when it comes to design so your garden shouldn’t be too over the top with any particular element.