How to Choose Your Next Home Decor Project

Whether you’ve moved into a new place that needs some sprucing up or you’ve lived somewhere a long time and you’re ready for a change, you might feel overwhelmed by the thought of redecorating your home. You might be worried about how you will afford it time- or money-wise, or you may simply feel as though you have no idea where to start. This is normal for anyone looking at a big home project, and there are several considerations that will help you plan how you will proceed.


To some extent, your budget will determine what you are able to do although you may be surprised at how much you can accomplish with limited funds. However, it is important to know what you have to work with if you have not been saving specifically with this project in mind or if your budget is small. There might be situations in which you need to consider other expenses in the next year or two. For example, if you, your partner or your children are planning to attend college, you might need to think about how you will fund this alongside your planned redecoration. You may use a combination of methods, including student loans, for college. Interest rates for student loans can be very favorable, so if you only have savings for one thing and must borrow for the other, you may want to pay for the home decorating up front. Like a mortgage, student loan debt is also considered a good type of debt and may be more responsible than accumulating credit card or another kind of unsecured debt for home renovations.


Knowing what your budget is can help you prioritize. If you can only afford to work on one or two rooms, you may want to prioritize areas that get a lot of traffic. However, if you really are looking to change your bedroom or your bathroom, your money might be better spent there. You might have something in particular that has to be done, such as removing or replacing an old worn-out carpet. However, if you are also going to paint the room, most decorators advise painting before you do anything else since how this looks can significantly affect other choices. Another thing to think about is where you can make the greatest impact. Finally, keep in mind that everything does not have to be done at once. Think in terms of phases.

Check Your Energy Level and Skills

If you’ve just been through a big move, you might have to think about the balance between how much you want to work on your home and where your energy level is. You may need to wait a few weeks or hire someone to do work you’d normally do yourself. You should also honestly assess your skill level. If you’re eager and willing to learn as you go and fix any mistakes, you should feel free to do it yourself. However, if this isn’t the case, there’s no shame in getting a professional, and in the long run, it might even save you time and money.