To survive in the business of real estate, one must possess a tremendous amount of grit to gain success. With that being said, it is essential that a real estate agent spend a lot of time on building personal relationships with clients. There is a saying that goes “there is no such thing as a one-time sale.” With that in perspective, an agent can gain a lot of leverage by turning a prospective client into a regular customer. And when that goal is achieved, it could prove to be a very lucrative move for the real estate agent. So how does one turn a prospective client into a customer? Here are some tips to do just that.


One way to close more clients is to look in to real estate lead generation companies that offer email and text follow up features. These are sometimes referred to as email and text drip campaigns. These keep clients who have contacted the agent engaged in the process by periodically sending emails and text messages on the agent’s behalf. Everything is automated, so the real estate agent can focus on other more important tasks. Zurple reviews are outstanding in this regard. Bold Leads reviews are also relatively positive when it comes to email and text follow ups.


An old rule of thumb, keeping in touch with a client even after the deal has been closed. But make sure that the client has had the best experience during the whole ordeal of selling or buying a home. And how can one keep in touch with a prospective client? The trick is not to start blowing up their e-mails with adverts and sales. A real estate agent should continue the relationship formal but with a hint of personal touch by limiting information to their pets or the houseplant that they recently purchased. In that way, the client can rest easy without feeling the violation of their space and in the same way think that they can approach the agent with queries.


This is an old proverb, and it has survived through the ages because of its credibility. The only way that a prospective client will agree to remain in touch with a real estate agent is if the experience has left a lasting expression. The client may not sell or buy a house in another few years, but news travels the fastest through word by mouth. And in the digital age, spreading of news is not a difficult job. This will require a lot of hard work and research from the side of the real estate agent, but it all pays in the end.


An essential step in keeping the clients within the clutch of a real estate agent is to come up with a marketing plan. Since customers like consistency, it is imperative that the real estate agent continue to produce advertisements even in times where no new clients are needed. If you need some help you can think about hiring a google adwords agency. Agents should be sure that there is a theme they can stick to so that customers remember them in the future.