Hot Tub, Garden Tub or a Jacuzzi: Do You Know the Difference?

For most people, the highlight of the day is getting to relax in a hot bath after a hard day at work. In fact, hydrotherapy has scientifically proven medical benefits including stress relief, preventing diseases and more psychological and therapeutic benefits. Even our ancestors in ancient Egypt, India, and China knew this and used hydrotherapy as an effective treatment.

Therefore, it’s no wonder why many homeowners choose to add a hot tub to their next home remodeling project. While these tubs were once a symbol of prestige, you can find a wide range of hot tubs and Jacuzzis at reasonable prices. But many people often confuse many different options available on the market including hot tubs, garden tubs, in-ground spas, and Jacuzzis. In this article, we’ll explain the difference between these terms.

Hot Tub

A Hot tub is a term that most often refers to a portable, above-ground spa. They are completely independent and require no additional plumbing to install. All of the plumbing, electrical and various other components are already installed in the tub. Instead, hot tubs are filled through outside sources like hoses and can be drained whenever you need to. They can also be relocated to a new house if you ever plan on selling your home and move.

These tubs can hold the temperature you select and you don’t have to wait for it to heat up before soaking in it. They come in various shapes, sizes, and materials and offer a great hydrotherapeutic experience.

Garden Tub

Garden tubs are ideal if all you want is to soak in hot water and relax. They can hold large volumes of water and can be used to take bath, although they do not come with a showerhead. They are deeper than traditional tubs and allow users to soak their chest and knees.

Garden tubs usually feature arched or curved sides that are ergonomically adjusted to the body. They often feature armrests and neck support. They can be portable or fixed in the bathroom.

While they provide a lot of comforts and are easy to clean, garden tubs don’t have additional massaging features. However, they are easy to clean and more affordable than the Jacuzzi.

Jacuzzi Tubs

Even though many homeowners refer to any jetted tub as a Jacuzzi, not every tub is a Jacuzzi. In fact, Jacuzzi is a brand name much like Xerox or Kleenex. In a wider term, these Jacuzzis can be classified as whirlpool tubs.

What makes Jacuzzi tubs different are air or water jets and pumps that massage the users and produce bubbles in the water. Jacuzzi needs to be plugged into an electrical source and connected to the plumbing. They often feature additional features such as stereos and ambient lighting.

Jacuzzi is built to provide maximum comfort, but that comfort comes with a price. Apart from the initial purchase price which can be high for most households, Jacuzzi tubs con sume a lot of water and electricity to provide the comfort their users are accustomed to. Additionally, Jacuzzi tubs are difficult to maintain, as you will have to clean both the tub and the jets regularly.