Hobbies that you can make money from

Everyone enjoys taking some of their free time to indulge in a hobby which makes them feel fulfilled in some sense. Whether that’s being creative in some way or engaging your brain differently to how you do for your job, hobbies can bring people a lot of joy. 

However, there are many which can also be monetised in some way, giving you a way to turn a hobby into a side hustle. So, if you’re looking to try your hand at something new and make money from it, here are a few options to get you thinking.

Writing content

Feel like you’ve got a way with words which can turn heads and make people pay attention? There are many businesses who turn to freelancers for this type of skillset, so this could be a hobby to invest more time into. 

You could be writing marketing emails or helping them to get better engagement on social channels, but freelance writing can give you the opportunity to lend your voice to help others be heard. 

The demand for writers is consistently high – many freelancing websites have sections dedicated to writers, as well as there being sites dedicated to freelance writing and freelance writer job postings on sites like LinkedIn. Alternatively, you could set up your own blog and accept sponsored content once you’ve established a regular audience.

Forex trading

For those more mathematically minded and statistically-oriented, using a forex broker can allow you to become a trader in your spare time. Trading stocks is well suited to those with analytical strengths, reviewing how stocks have been performing and investing your money wisely. 

You can turn a small amount of savings into a bigger pot through smart investments, all you need it the know-how and the right type of thinking. Some trading platforms will offer starting bonuses to enhance your initial investments, while engaging with training resources can have you navigating forex markets like a pro even faster.


Having an eye for dramatic lighting and interesting staging can be a great basis for developing photography skills into a bona fide money-making hobby. Although a phone camera isn’t going to cut it for going freelance, picking up an entry-level DSLR camera can act as a foundation for your skills to shine and your freelancing to be taken seriously.

Establishing yourself on social media as a freelance photographer can give both businesses and individuals a way to reach out to you for bookings. Event organisers will regularly look for photographers who would be willing to mingle and capture moments to be remembered and shared. You can charge for your time at these events and potentially sell the rights to the photos after they’ve been taken.

Graphic design

Design programs take a long time to get familiar with and even longer until you’re producing professional-level work. If you’ve got these skills in the bank already, there are many people who’d prefer to hire a graphic designer than attempt to design something themselves.

Start-ups and independent businesses might turn to a graphic designer to help build their brand, creating a more reputable-looking logo and business assets than they could get otherwise. If you’ve got a mix between graphic design and illustration skills, then there are also many outlets online where you can take on paid commissions for designs – the trick is knowing what the sweet spot of illustration rates should be.

It’s important to consider what you’re looking to get out of a hobby when monetising it. Something that once fulfilled you creatively might become less centred around personal enjoyment and more around the time-to-fee ratio. 

Ringfencing time so that you can keep up with personal projects can prevent you from getting burnt out, as well as helping to preserve the passion you have for your hobby.