Helpful Tips to Keep Your Wood Flooring Looking New

Wood flooring is considered one of the most popular flooring options in the United States today. Oak is at the top of the list in regard to the most popular, followed closely by maple and hickory.

While all the hardwood flooring options look amazing when first installed, do you know how to maintain this beauty? If not, you’re in the right place. Keep reading to learn about things you can do to protect the beauty of your wood flooring.

With preventative maintenance, you won’t have to worry about replacing your flooring anytime soon.

Wipe Up Spills Immediately

While you don’t have to worry about instant staining when you drop something on a hardwood floor (like you do with carpet), if you don’t wipe them up quickly, then staining may occur. If a stain has the chance to set into your hardwood floor, then you may have to refinish it to remove the stain.

Sweep Daily

It’s important that you sweep up any dirt or other debris off of your floor as needed so the dirt doesn’t scratch the wood. While the frequency may vary, it’s important to sweep regularly. For example, if you have a house with a high amount of traffic, then it may be necessary to sweep it a few times a day.

An extremely effective way to sweep hardwood floors is by using a rubber broom. If you own a pet, this can be especially beneficial, because they help sweep up pet hair with ease.

Vacuum Regularly

In most cases, sweeping your hardwood floor will be enough; however, from time to time, you may want to vacuum the surfaces, as well. If you aren’t sure what vacuum to use on your flooring, research the best vacuum for hardwood floors before making a purchase.  

Use a Hardwood Cleaner Once Weekly

To help your hardwood floor continue looking great, use a hardwood cleaner once a week. These floor cleaners can be found at any home improvement center and are easy to use. Simply spray the cleaner on, or use a hardwood broom to gently buff the floor.

Avoid Using Soap and Water

When cleaning your hardwood flooring, be sure to avoid using soap and water. Hardwood isn’t like laminate or linoleum. You can’t use a bucket of soapy water for cleaning. If you try to do this, you are going to cause serious damage.

Wood is susceptible to water damage, which means you want to avoid contact with water whenever possible. The water will seep into the cracks of the boards, causing discoloration, deformation, and swelling of the boards.

Protect the Floor from Gouges and Scratches

It’s smart to put felt on the bottom of all of your furniture to help protect the floor from scratches. This is especially important for furniture you move often, such as kitchen chairs. You can purchase the felt at virtually any home goods store and cut it to the size needed.

Polish Your Wood Floor Regularly

If you have hardwood flooring with a wax finish, then you may want to wax it regularly to help keep it shiny and new looking. Also, by waxing, you can buff out any scratches, too. Each wax product is unique, so be sure to read the directions carefully and consult the guidelines from the manufacturer before applying the wax.

There’s no question that hardwood flooring looks great and can add value to your home. However, if you want to ensure it remains looking great, you need to use the tips and information found here. Caring for your hardwood flooring doesn’t have to be difficult, but it does require time and effort, so keep that in mind.