Your Guide to Door Furnishings

Front door furniture can increase the allure of any entryway, regardless of style– whether it be country, vintage, modern, or something else entirely. With a variety of door furnishings to choose from, it’s easy to customize the entrance of your home to make it both inviting and in-line with your home decor. Read on to hear about a few great door decorations you can use to spruce up your entryway.

Door Signs

Door signs are a great way to customize your entrance, whether you go with something sporting your surname, a quote, or an image. Many people use door signs as a practical and decorative option, as a sign sporting your surname is often useful to delivery services as well as first-time visitors. Adding an image to your door can also be a great option as this instantly spices up even the plainest of doors, sending an inviting message to all guests about the type of atmosphere that awaits them inside.

Letter Boxes

Another practical option for door decorations, are letter boxes. Letter boxes offer a vintage-chic charm not readily found in other entryway decor. Serving both a functional use and adding to an antique appeal, these charming boxes come in a variety of gilded patterns and can be mounted both directly on the door or on a set of hooks depending on your preference.

Embellished Handles

Embellished handles are another great way to add a little something extra to your home, and something that is very understated at that. Embellished handles come in all styles, from antique to ultra-modern and can undoubtedly add the most to a door, as this is the point of contact for those entering your home. Whether you choose a custom handle, knob, or even a frame to complement an existing door handle, this brand new front door furniture is sure to grab your guests’ attention and speak volumes for your style.

Door Knockers

The most classic of all door decorum, door knockers have been in use for centuries in cultures all over the world. While the inventive and often grotesque door-knockers of history were meant to protect homes and ward off evil guests or spirits, the door knockers of today are mostly used aesthetically– to add a certain je ne sais quoi to your door, and making it one that everyone wants to have a reason to open. These items come in a variety of styles, some more useful than others. You may chose a lion’s head for entry into your castle-like home, or something more understated, like a simple metal fixture. Whether you wish to restore your home to its former era or are building a modern work of art, there is undoubtedly a door knocker out there to help you to do it.

So stop waiting to find the perfect potted plant or welcome mat for your entryway. Skip the hassle and get something unique that will make your home stand apart from all others. Find the door furnishings that best suit your needs and style and make the investment today to add that unique flavor to your home.