Great Table, Better Dining: A Buyer’s Guide to Choosing the Perfect Dining Table

Your dining table is not only the spot where you gather your family and friends for a fun and sumptuous meal, but it can also be an eye catching centerpiece in any home. For instance, attractive choices in style, shape, and color can make your dining table an essential piece of furniture that can modify the character of your dining area. So, what do you need to look for in a dining table?

For sure, if you buy one, you will want to have it forever. Your dining table should be sturdy and well-crafted so that it can be of service for a long time. It should also accommodate a good deal of people and should have a shape and style that will suit your type of dining area. Thus, you need to do your research to purchase the perfect dining table.

Here is a guide for you to choose the perfect table for your dining area.

Consider the Size of Your Dining Area

The first thing to think of when buying a dining table is the space of your dining room. As such, you have to measure your dining room carefully for your table to fit perfectly. Accurate measurements leave you with sufficient space for movement around the area.

If you have a large room, it is an opportunity for you to make a statement with your dining table. For flexibility, choose a four to eight seater dining table that can be extended to fill a space or used for smaller dining occasions.

For small and compact rooms, folding and round dining tables are excellent options. Folding tables have the flexibility to fit into cramped spaces, and they are easier to tuck away from view when you need a bit more space. Round tables, on the other hand, can accommodate a few people comfortably.

Various Shapes of Dining Table

There are different shapes of dining tables that can accomplish various purposes. Choosing the right shape is perfect for a particular size of dining space and can create a feeling of closeness. Here are the different shapes of a dining table.

Rectangular Dining Table. The most popular and go-to shape for most people is the rectangular dining table. Its shape can create a formal and impersonal feel because of its width and is ideal for hosting large gatherings.

But if you want to provide more closeness between your guests, a rectangular table that is 28 inches wide can accommodate a plenty of people while bringing them closer together for a more intimate atmosphere.

You can look for modern and high-quality rectangular dining tables in sites like Focus on Furniture.

Square Dining Table. Square-shaped dining tables have their modern feel and are a perfect choice for tiny condo units and apartments. However, large ones take up a lot of space. Though a large square table can fit more people, the gap of distance on opposite sides can feel vast and can create an impersonal atmosphere.

Round-Shaped Dining Table. If you want to strike closeness and conversation, a round dining table is an excellent choice for you. The conversation between diners at the table will be easier because everyone can see and hear one another. Aside from that, the food is also within reach.

Round tables are great for smaller dining spaces such as an apartment as they typically accommodate only four people. If you want to sit more than four people, you need a 60-inch diameter round dining table.

Choose a Sturdy Dining Table

If you want a dining table that can last through years of dinner occasions, opt for a table made from a hardwood such as a maple, mahogany, oak, walnut, and teak. Tables made from composite woods are economical and durable but never as sturdy as hardwood.

Don’t Underestimate Glass-Top Dining Tables

One of the advantages of tables with a glass top is that it works well with most decor themes. Due to its reflective surface, it is an excellent choice for a dining space that might need to look lighter and brighter.

If you think of the vulnerability of glass tables, think again! Modern glass-top dining tables are robust because they come with tempered safety glass, meaning it can resist heat, scratches, and won’t get quickly shattered if knocked.

Another benefit of the glass-top dining table is that you can surround it with different seating arrangements, from multi-colored to mismatched dining chairs. You can also choose the glass-tint in a variety of colors.


A dining table is an essential piece of furniture in your dining area. Dining tables come in different materials, shapes, and sizes. As such, you need to do your research to purchase a dining table that is perfect for your type of dining space.