Get Your House Ready for the Market

Whether you’ve recently discovered your employer is moving or you’re getting ready to put your house on the market and want to maximize offers, here are some critical steps to take to avoid having a house languish on the market.


Know your competition

Understand that your house won’t be the only house buyers have toured. Look up nearby houses for sale and compare them to yours in terms of square footage, overall condition, amenities, age of major components and location. Do other homes have water filtration systems, a new or recently purchased HVAC system, or an Everdrain™ metal roof?

You may have the opinion that your house is better than other houses on the market. But list the pros and cons of your competition so you can better understand and sell your home’s strengths and advantages. While your realtor will prepare a market analysis before you list your home on the market, there may be things to address before your realtor ever sets foot on your property.

Address issues like leaks or repairs before your realtor evaluates your home. And realize that if potential buyers see any major unaddressed problems, they will likely wonder what else might turn out to be wrong with the home after they purchase it. You want your buyers to bid the price up rather than justify lowball offers based on defects — real or perceived.

The devil’s in the details

Keeping your home in good repair is the best way to maintain its value, but there are other things that can send potential buyers running for the next listing.

One such issue is an unidentified pervasive odor that could be the result of a long-unaddressed leak, pets, or a variety of other factors. If you’re unable to put a fresh coat of paint on the walls, you can wipe them down with mildly soapy water to help freshen the air inside your home.

In general, a fresh coat of paint and repairing of holes or blemishes in siding and interior walls provides a subtle boost in curb appeal. Especially if you’re replacing vibrant, bold colors with warm neutrals that may be more broadly palatable to a wider range of people. Remember, your personal style is not for sale, your home is. So don’t narrow its appeal to people whose tastes resemble yours.

Having your carpets professionally shampooed can improve the overall aesthetic of your home in addition to freshening the air, especially if the carpet is old or you have pets. Freshen up furniture with polish or deodorizing spray and wash or dry-clean curtains if possible.

Outside the home, trim unruly bushes and tidy up the landscaping so your home presents the impression of being well-kept before potential buyers even walk through the door.

Time is of the essence

One thing to remember is that if you have time, that time is valuable. If you are not in a situation now where you must move quickly, then now is the time to make the necessary repairs and keep your home in tip-top condition going forward.

If you’ve already discovered you need to move and have little time for repairs or for the normal listing process, which can take months and even years, there are alternatives that can accommodate your schedule.

You can plug “sell my house Sacramento” into your browser to find experienced investors willing to pay cash for your home. This process can take a matter of weeks, rather than months, and can give you the ability to move to your new destination without worrying about how your home will fare on the market.