How To Get The Rustic Look

The rustic style is arguably one of the biggest trends right now. From living rooms, kitchens, and bathrooms, this interior aesthetic will make you feel as though you are living in a trendy countryside hideaway when you could in fact be living in a big city. If you’re looking for a beautifully styled home with a hint of charm then keep reading to find out how you too can get this look.

Natural elements

A rustic house should remind you of a rural environment. It is for this reason the decoration should draw inspiration from nature and bring the outside, inside. This is a great opportunity to practise your green thumb and invest in some plants. If you’re not much of a plant lover there are lots of plants that don’t need too much care, so even if you spend a great amount of time away from home, you can rest assured that your plants will continue thriving. In terms of more permanent fixtures, try using wood or stone where possible. These natural materials really promote that natural look.


As previously mentioned, materials are a key factor to rustic homes. Similarly, so are colours and tones. To get a truly authentic rustic look, stick to those browns and beiges for a whimsical cottage atmosphere. You can also add green for a fresh pop of colour that is still in keeping with the overall theme. A popular rustic trend when it comes to kitchens is to use mixed shades of wood. This laid-back approach gives a warm and genuine aesthetic that creates a true countryside atmosphere to a room. This works best for example with dark wood counters or cupboards and say a worn white wood dining table. The contrast perfectly offsets the furniture in a room to create a stand out look.

Wooden floors

As previously mentioned the idea is to bring the outdoors inside, and your floor is no exception. If you are looking for a warm and cosy look, wood is your ideal choice. Don’t be fooled, you can still get that incredible wood look even if you are working on a tight budget. A great example of flooring that imitates real wood seamlessly is laminate flooring. Laminate floors are much cheaper and even more practical. Unlike its hardwood counterpart laminate floor is waterproof, meaning that any spills won’t ruin or damage your floor. The waterproof properties also makes these floors noticeably easier to clean and maintain, needing only a damp mop or cloth to keep the floors as good as new. The other main advantage of laminate floors is that they don’t expand and contract with fluctuations in temperatures. This makes them suitable for use with underfloor heating as well as being used in rooms like conservatories, where changes in temperatures are extreme.

Laminate flooring is incredibly versatile and as such is available in many different styles and species of wood. When looking at laminate floors for rustic homes, we would recommend an oak or a walnut with a distressed finish. The finish gives a warm and well loved look that really adds to that country home design.

Of course, the way you want to achieve this look depends on yourself, your unique style and your property. But we hope these few tips will help you get one step closer to your dream rustic home.