Furniture Ideas for an Agile Working Environment

A clean, sleek, ergonomic workspace is the cornerstone of productivity and professionality. Still, not everybody has the convenience of space in order to fulfill this need. That’s where some thoughtful furniture choices and a degree of canny organization come in to compensate for limited space. Here are a handful of tips in order to revolutionize your limited office space into something chic and agile:

1.) Expandable/Collapsible Furniture
This is the best way to confront limited space in your office, cubicle, or desk. Everyone has their own organizational preferences, but leaving your important paperwork and knickknacks on every conceivable surface is ubiquitously unattractive to others and distracting to your mind. Having a few collapsible or expandable pieces of furniture around can help you consolidate all of your creature comforts and trappings of labor, without taking up as much space as, say, a regular filing cabinet! Consider Modern Digs’ Cordova Desk, which features many nifty and visually-pleasing storage compartments which take up so much less space than the market alternative.

2.) Ebony and Ivory
We’re not just talking about piano keys, and the idea might sound boring on paper, but all black and all white coordinated furniture is a superbly modern way to class up and visually de-clutter your work space. The stark shades of black white will undoubtedly brighten up your space with their contrast, as well as perk up and draw your attention to any pieces of art, photos, or display items you might have on your desks and walls. The minimalism in their elegant lacquered surfaces really makes the colors around you pop, while maintaining a serene ambience (and your focus!) Modern Dig’s collection of all-black and all-white desks and office tables are a great place to start in your hunt for these great pieces.

3.) Glass it Up!
Glass surfaces, like Modern Dig’s Liphook Glass Desk, are undeniably easy to clean. Save some time, effort, and worry by incorporating some working surfaces that are invulnerable to staining and spectacularly chic and crisp-looking to boot. You could (theoretically) fill your workspace from floor to ceiling with glass pieces, but it creates something of an optical illusion of near-emptiness due to its transparency. In summation, the heavy, damage-prone, pulp-wood furniture of yesteryear is dead. The airy, angular quality of glass just shouts “I’m fresh as heck, but here to hustle” to all who would enter your office space!

4.) Mounted Desks
They’re much sturdier than they look, but conserve several feet of space! Many typical office desks are designed with a wall-anchored headboard in mind anyways, so some designers decided to remove the superfluous middleman and just mount the entire usable surface of the desk, instead! The versatility of this design (you can feasibly move it anywhere in your office), as well as its ability to conserve space, make this an essential piece in your ergonomic endeavors.

In adherence to these small stylistic changes, your success in the consolidation, beautification, and organization of your space is secured! Check out more Midcentury and Modern office furniture like the examples mentioned here at