Four Ways to Style Your Favorite Pair of Glasses

Nowadays, there are so many different styles of glasses, that you can find a pair to suit every occasion. However, if you are struggling to combine your favorite pair of glasses with your everyday look, here are a few of the best ways to style your specs. 

Choose a Complimentary Frame 

The easiest way you can style your glasses is by choosing a frame that you will love forever. If you have a set of glasses that you can wear with any outfit, styling them will be easy. Try to find a pair of frames that matches your personality as well as your wardrobe. Another great tip to consider when choosing your frames is to find a pair that matches the shape of your face. For example, if you have a squared face, it’s good to look for wide frame glasses or rounded specs that will balance out your sharp features. If you’re not quite sure what shape your face resembles, check out this easy to read guide.  

Try to Color Coordinate 

If your glasses are a bright color, then its best that you try to color coordinate these with your outfit. If you find it difficult to mix and match bold colors, it’s probably best that you stick to a more neutral frame for your glasses. If your glasses are a warm tone, try to style these with orange, blues, reds, and creams. If your glasses are a cooler tone, pair it with colors such as white, black, pink, or purple. 

Keep Your Eye Makeup Minimal 

When you are styling your glasses, its best to keep the eye make-up to a minimum. You want to make sure that your overall look is balanced, not top-heavy. If you have dark eyeliner and heavy eyeshadow hidden behind your specs, it may not translate as beautifully behind the frames. Instead, try some lighter shades of eyeshadow, like cream or rose gold, and a bold lip instead. A pair of simple frames can look amazing with a vivacious red lip. This will help attract attention to both your make up and your accessories. 

Stay True to Your Style 

Ultimately, the best way to style your glasses is by staying true to your unique sense of fashion. As individuals, we have the ability to express our feelings and personality through our dress sense, so we may as well make the most of it. Don’t limit yourself simply because of what other may think. When you stay true to yourself you will radiate confidence, and nothing looks better than how confidence feels. 

If you wear glasses due to vision-related impairment, it is likely that you will be wearing your specs on a daily basis. Eyewear used to be clunky and unfavorable, however, it has now turned into a coveted and fashionable look. Contact lenses can be uncomfortable and difficult to wear, so take advantage of your new chic accessory and have fun pairing it with your everyday looks.