Five Best Hairstyles for a Bad Hair Day

Maybe it’s the weather. Maybe it’s the new shampoo and conditioner that came with empty promises of lavish results. Or maybe it’s just the full moon, but whatever causes it, we’ve all had those days where our hair just seems to hate us. Sometimes it happens when we wake up with bedhead and don’t have time for a shampoo and blow-out, and sometimes even after we’ve put time and energy into our hairstyle, our hair seems to have a mind of its own, much to our frustration.

While bad hair days can’t be eliminated completely, you can resolve some issues such as thin, sparse hair, or dull limp hair, by increasing hair’s health by taking vitamin supplements. However, even the best vitamins for hair may take some time to improve hair quality and lessen the total number of bad hair days we experience. In the meantime, we have to make do with a hairdo that makes the most of what we have, even on the worst bad hair days.

So, what do we do when we have to hurry out and face the world and can’t commit to wearing a hat all day? We could go with a messy bun, but we all know there’s a difference between the messy bun look that celebrities sport, which we also know actually took an hour with a professional stylist to achieve, and an actual bun that is messy, which will likely be our own results.

Yet, there are other options, and there are certain styles we can go for to save the (bad hair) day. 

The Cotton Candy Bun

This is an ideal choice for one of those days when your hair decides to look fly-away and frizzy. If you can’t beat it, join it. Instead of engaging in a losing battle to de-frizz, you can actually make the frizz work for you with a cotton candy bun. You can achieve this look by putting your hair in a top knot or high pony. Then, spray the ponytail with your best hairspray, and then tease—yes, tease—it out some more. After, simply swirl the tail around and tuck it under the elastic and secure with a bobby pin. Your frizzy hair is instantly transformed into a pretty bun with a fairy-floss look that gives the appearance that your frizz was planned, and not simply the result of a bad hair day.

The Bubble Tail

If your bad hair days are typically days when your long hair looks even more tired than you feel and hangs straight and limp, there’s a quick fix. First, tease or backcomb the top for a little volume. Part your hair in the center and then make a low ponytail at the nape of the neck. Next, create “bubbles” in the ponytail by securing hair bands down the length of the tail and then pulling the hair for slack between the bands to create bubbles of hair. This instantly adds the illusion of volume to limp hair, and also adds an interesting look that no one will equate with a bad hair day. 

Be sure to leave out some face-framing locks or layers to soften the look.

Rainy Day ‘Do

The perfect look for a rainy day when you know your hair will misbehave, is this rainy day do that works for medium-length hair—or hair that’s around shoulder-length. First, curl the ends of your hair under with a medium-barreled curling iron. Apply a small amount of styling product to the ends. Then, using a thin, elastic-based headband, place the headband at the crown of the head, about two inches behind the hairline and pin it into place to secure. Next, take small locks of hair and swirl them, twisting them back and up. Secure the ends beneath the thin headband. Use pins to secure them if necessary. Continue all around the head. If you have very fine hair, you can tease the hair a bit for texture. Finish the back and check with a hand mirror to be sure the hair is evenly divided and balanced.

This is a look that holds well through dampness and drizzle and is elegant enough even for an evening out.

Bad Hair Day Beach Waves

If your hair is messy and making you miserable, but you don’t want any buns, topknots, or ponytails, beach waves are always the way to go. The beachy look has been trending for a while and doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. It’s a look you can easily achieve, even on the worst bad hair days, simply by making your bad hair work for you. Another thing that makes beach waves a good choice is that it can last for several days without restyling.

For the classic beach wave look, begin with a heat protectant spray and a quick brush-through. Then, divide your hair into top and bottom layers by clipping up the top layer. Next, use a curling iron on the bottom section of your hair, being sure to clip about one-inch sections of hair into the curling iron, leaving about two inches of hair on the bottom out of the curl—this is the key to beach waves. 

Curl each curl in the opposite direction, first away from the face and then toward the face. This ensures that each curl remains separate and retains the messy, beachy look. After curling each section, spray lightly with a good flexible hairspray. Then, unclip the top layer of hair and repeat the same curling method.

Finally, run your fingers through the curls to loosen and toss them into a slightly disarrayed look and then lightly give your hair a final spray. And see how you made messy hair work for you, instead of against you!

Re-curl Your Curls

For girls with curls, if you went to bed with beautiful, well-defined curls and woke up with crazy curls or a big mass of fluff that can’t be tamed, there is also a handy hair hack for you. Separate your hair into two sections and braid on each side of your head. Use wet fingers while you form the braids to add just a touch of dampness. Let the braids dry for ten or fifteen minutes and then unwind the braids. The dampness revitalizes the products in your hair and the braids help to tame curls into beautiful waves.

Even the worst bad hair days and bedheads can be transformed into terrific tresses with these simple hair hacks for bad hair days!