First Impressions: What Does Your Perfume Suggest?

Choosing a perfume to use isn’t always easy. Aside from the occasion and the look you’re trying to rock, you also need to consider the people you’ll meet throughout the day and the kind of impression you emit while wearing a particular perfume.

It is not a secret that your perfume has a big impact on the first impression you make when meeting others; our sense of smell is that fascinating. The layer of notes caught by others tell different stories. We are going to review some of the notes and the first impression they create in this article.


Rose is a popular scent used by many top perfumes. The soft and springy nature of rose as a note in a perfume makes it perfect when used as a head note or a base. According to multiple studies, perfumes that carry a rosy note create the image of a sensitive and thoughtful you.

Combining rose with certain, more powerful scents, however, tells a different story. Those who choose stronger rose perfumes tend to be adventurous and spontaneous.


Another popular scent in perfumes is vanilla. Vanilla isn’t always obvious since it is mainly used to tie other scents together, but it is a distinguishable note that portrays so much.

Many would assume that vanilla is the symbol of blandness, but people who select vanilla-scented perfumes are actually wild and energetic. Those who love this scent are nothing but boring.


Citrus is the scent of champions and natural-born leaders. If you want others to notice you, going for a citrus head note is the way to go. A lot of perfumes use citrus as the heart note too, causing a longer-lasting impression in general.

Combine citrus with a spicy undertone and you get that sexy appeal almost immediately. This type of combination works really well for evening events.


While the previous scents are quite popular in perfumes, Gardenia is not. There are some perfumes that add notes of Gardenia for its unique scent. The fact that it is not too common of a fragrance means you’ll be unique and memorable.

Gardenia emits an aura of wisdom, and those who love the tone of Gardenia are usually thoughtful and mature. If you want to make a lasting and strong impression, click the link to buy now. A Gardenia-based perfume with the right notes is perfect for the job.


To complete our list, we have the lovely tone of sandalwood. It is perfect simply because the note works really well among perfectionists. Sandalwood is also easy to combine with a more modest base note, which is why there are a lot of fragrances that use this scent as the hero scent. Wearing sandalwood, you’ll be seen as someone with a clear goal in mind; someone who isn’t afraid to take charge as well as get your hands dirty if needed.

So, what does your perfume suggest about the first impression you make? If you are interested in knowing more about other scents and the impressions they create, stay tuned right here on Top Inspirations.