Finding Your Fiancée the Perfect Diamond Ring – Different Shapes for Diamond Rings

The engagement ring you choose will be on your fiancée’s finger for the rest of her life. So you want to be sure that it matches not only her personality but also her preference, be it contemporary, classic or something entirely unique. Here are a few diamond shapes and the women’s personalities with which they match.

Round-shaped diamonds

This is the shape that most people prefer, and rightly so. Developed at the beginning of the 20th century, the excellent round shape is referred to as the modern cut. It is made up of 58 facets and its design is aimed at sparkling as much as possible. It is a highly versatile cut that can be worn as a classic solitaire or set inside a halo. The style approach of the wearer is a fuss-free, classic style. Your fiancée need not conform to the trends. Let her dare to transcend popular trends and be confident in expressing her unique taste.

Princess diamonds

As a result of its contemporary shape and its classic sparkle, the popularity of the princess cut is on the rise. It is a square cut with chic, clean angles and a sparkle that most people adore. If your partner appreciates a mix of contemporary and traditional styles, she will love a diamond engagement ring with a princess cut.

Cushion diamonds

The cushion diamond cut is a testament of the 1920s glamor, especially because this antique design appeared in the popular book The Great Gatsby as the engagement ring worn by Daisy Buchanan. It exudes opulence and charisma with its near-rounded, more distinctive shape. If your partner favors elegant romance and vintage luxury, she’ll like the cushion cut diamond.

Emerald diamonds

The emerald cut is very similar to the Asscher cut and it draws inspiration from the gorgeous green emerald stone. Its shape is elongated, placing emphasis on clarity. It’s a great choice for your partner if she’s not of the opinion that sparkle is a necessity when it comes to evaluating the quality of diamonds.

Compared to other different shapes for diamond rings, emerald diamonds are distinctive and dramatic, making them perfect for the confident woman who has an appreciation for vintage designs.

Radiant diamonds

The characteristics of radiant diamonds are similar to those of emerald diamonds except that they have a sparkle. They are therefore suitable for those that are interested in the classic sparkle and do not want to stray too far away from the classical designs. Its elongated shape will be appreciated by your partner if she has relatively shorter fingers.

Oval diamonds

Like emerald and radiant diamonds, oval diamonds also have an elongated shape. They are therefore a suitable choice for your fiancée if she has sophisticated taste and values uniqueness. The number of facets with which oval diamonds can be cut can be the same as those of round diamonds. Consequently, they share the same brilliance with classic shapes.

Oval diamonds are especially suitable for those with relatively short fingers – they create an illusion that makes the fingers look longer than they actually are.