Find Extra Space with these Inspiring Veranda and Deck Furniture Ideas

No other room in your home is going to give you more pleasure than your outdoor space. Welcome the morning sun with a cup of coffee as you lounge on your outdoor lounge. Revel deep into the night with good friends while the stars burn like embers in the majestic open sky. With a little planning and the right furniture, you can transform your deck into an escape from modern life, a recharge point and a place where you can truly unwind. Creating a cohesive, livable and attractive outdoor space may seem like a challenge but with the right pieces it can be a joy. Check out the range of outdoor lounges, sofas and outdoor settings from Domayne Australia and you’ll find inspiration isn’t all that far away at all.


Keep it functional

When designing your outdoor area, keep in mind its purpose. Try to visualize the space and the key areas that it needs to facilitate. For example, a barbecue might be best placed up against a barrier to maximize space. A relaxed seating area might also do well against a barrier, but a formal dining area would be best with a decent amount of space around it. You can section of areas using pieces of furniture. A designated dining area would be visually represented by the table and chairs and a perimeter of empty space allowing freedom of movement.

Go with the flow

Perhaps more important than what goes into the space, is how much free space is left. Your deck or veranda during a party in full swing will be a busy place. Make sure there is enough space between areas for guests to move freely. Be realistic about the amount of space you have and many people it can handle comfortably. Creating intuitive paths with your furniture is challenging, but well worth your time to get right. A space that is easy to navigate with less furniture is preferable to a crowded one.


Focus on furniture

One exceptional piece of furniture can really unify a space. A quality centrepiece can lift the perceivable quality of other pieces nearby and imprints a part of your personality into the design. If your focus for the space is a lounge area, you are best dedicating most of your budget to an outdoor lounge setting. The Piera Outdoor Setting is a great example of an outdoor lounge setting that looks elegant, stylish and sophisticated yet costs less than a backyard BBQ. Beauty for a Bargain as we like to say.

Make it comfy

The right materials can make all the difference when it comes to giving your space an inviting a comfortable feel. Natural looking fibres such as synthetic rattan blend into garden settings whilst being able to stand up to extreme weather conditions. Why not add some personal touches like some comfy outdoor cushions or a throw blanket? When it comes to choosing colors it might be best to stick with two colors for a unified look.

Just add water

A time-tested way of adding some space and magic to your outdoor area is a water feature. From a simple tabletop fountain to an ornate focal piece, adding some flowing water to your space can instantly add some tranquility. There is a lot of history and legend associated with running water, all we know is the sound is relaxing and soothes the spirit. The play of light on water can add atmosphere to your space as well as attracting native birds.

Creating an inviting and comfortable outdoor space requires a little bit of time and planning. With a solid vision and the right furniture you can quite easily create your new favorite room. Managing your space is vital and with an established purpose and flow of movement your outdoor space will be functional, peaceful and create memories that will last a life time.