Fighting Pet Hair Allergies With Basic and Advanced Home Cleaning Tips

I love pets. And thankfully, I’m not allergic to pet hair! But some of my friends and family members are. Now, these are people that I love, and I want them to feel comfortable whenever they visit my home. Over the years I’ve been experimenting (kind of) with my methods of cleaning and dealing with pet hair allergies.

And when my guests would arrive, I would ask them how they feel (less or more relaxing), and if they felt better, I would continue applying the same methods. So if you or someone you know is allergic to pet hair, and if you have pets in your home, continue reading this article to find an optimal solution to this issue.

#1: Find a Vacuum for Pet Hair

You must have noticed that some vacuum manufacturers offer brands and models that are made specifically for pet hair. Of course, pet hair is not the only thing these vacuums can clean, but they often have specific parts (such as motorized brushes or attachments) that vacuum pet hair more effectively.

When searching for pet hair vacuum, you can go with traditional vacuums or robovacuums. Traditional vacuums often have more power and give you more control over the vacuuming process (because they are manual.) You can also go with robovacuums, which are more convenient and pet-friendly (so to speak.)

It is critical that you buy a vacuum for pet hair if you want to combat allergies. Roomba is an excellent example of quality pet hair robovacuums. Their latest model (Roomba 980) is undoubtedly the best Roomba for pet hair because it features modes such as Carpet Boost or Dirt Detect technology.

This helped me get pet hair out of carpets and make my home less “contaminated” for my guests. And whether you buy manual or robot vacuum, try to obtain the one with HEPA filter. This filter will capture all allergens and make your home healthier and cleaner.

#2: Purify Your Air

Almost all the allergens in your home are floating in the air. So, it makes sense to clear and purify your air from time to time, right? I purchased an air purifier a couple of years ago, mostly for my guests.

I mean, I use it too from time to time, just to remove allergens, dust particles, and other rubbish. And just like with vacuums, buy a purifier with HEPA filter. Some people suggest that using several filters (one in each room) is beneficial, but I think that this is an overkill. Open all doors an position a purifier in the middle of your home; this worked for me.

Advanced tip: if you have guests coming over, turn on the purifier 2-3 days before they arrive. Also, open your windows and doors (if weather conditions allow it) so that stale air exists and fresh air enters your home.

#3: War On Dust

Dust is an excellent breeding ground for various harmful bugs and germs. Pet allergens also love dust, which is why it would be a good idea to remove it. You can use old rags (preferably cotton), but I often use a microfiber cloth that is designed specifically for people with allergies.

Of course, I have no allergies, but some of my friends and family members do. Avoid using brooms or other tools to clean your home because they stir up the air and spread allergens all over the place. I mean, use your brooms, just not when your guests are arriving, capiche?

#4: Washing Your Bedding

Sheets, pillow savings, curtains, and blinds; wash them! Even if your pets aren’t sleeping on your beds or couches, wash them anyways. Hairs sometimes have a will of their own (they don’t, but you get the idea), which is why you can find them in bizarre places.

Besides, washing all these things regularly is good against mites, pollen, dust, and other harmful elements. I suggest that you use a soft detergent that is free of fragrance. And once everything dries, use your vacuum cleaner to collet stubborn hair and debris.

Some vacuums also arrive with attachments for cleaning blinds and curtains. Unfortunately, my vacuum doesn’t have these attachments, which is why I wash my curtains in a washing machine. Before you do that, make sure that your curtains are machine-washable.

Advanced tip: You can use a microfiber cloth to clean your blinds thoroughly. Ideally, you should clean them once a month to ensure that dust, hair and other particles don’t stack up. 

#5: Clean Up Your Pet’s Environment

If your pets are indoor pets, they must have their personal environment, right? And I’m not just talking about their litter boxes, pillows or favorite spot on the couch; I’m talking about weird places they like to dwell! So, you need to think of all the places your pet enjoys. Then, you need to clean those places using vacuums, detergents, mops and what not.

If you are using cleaners during this process, try to use hypoallergenic cleansers. I’ve found that my guests have less chance of having an allergic reaction whenever I use hypoallergenic cleaners. Bear in mind that you can also find hypoallergenic laundry detergents to wash bedding, pillowcases or curtains.

But most importantly, clean your pet’s environment. Clean your pets too; wash them a day or two prior to your guest arrival. They probably won’t like it (my cat doesn’t), but sometimes we have to do difficult things to help those we love. 

Advanced tip: vacuuming your pet’s environment (and your home) is by far the most important thing here. If your pets dwell on pillows, sheets, blankets, and whatnot, vacuum them thoroughly.

Final Thoughts

Not having allergies and spending time with your pet is terrific; there’s no question about that. However, sometimes we must put that aside and ensure that our loved ones can breathe and enjoy when they visit us.

And if you yourself struggle with allergies but would want a pet that you are allergic to, follow the advice we provided here. Also, don’t forget that vacuuming and air purifying are your best weapons against pet hair allergies. Should you follow these steps, there’s no doubt that you and your friends and family will have a wonderful time!