Fall In Love With These Stunningly Beautiful Window Seats

Ever since I was a little kid, I dreamt of having a window seat. I’m not even sure if I had ever seen one, but I really liked sitting by the window and looking outside into our backyard.And of course, the feeling wasn’t what it was supposed to be since I was sitting in a chair.

And now, years later, I am all grown up and my love for window seats hasn’t gone away. I guess you could say I’m a hopeless romantic ever since I was a kid, but for me, there is nothing more calming and peaceful than relaxing by the window on a comfortable seat, surrounded by soft, puffy pillows.So I have decided to share this passion of mine with you. Window seats are, hands down, the most awesome invention of mankind. I am sure that if I had a window seat, I would stay there all day long, every day and I would never get bored.I would never mind the weather, because everything looks beautiful when you are in a beautiful place. Sun, snow, rain or wind, whatever it is, I would enjoy watching it and never grow tired of it. And also, if I could, I would have a window seat in every room of my house, including the hallways.

Which brings me to another awesome thing about window seats that I wanted to point out. Like I said, they would look amazing in every room of the house. They usually require larger windows, so you would have a lot of natural light in your room, which is the best thing ever. There is always extra place to sit and it doesn’t even require that much space. They are also very practical for storage purposes. You can use the space underneath the seat to store different things depending on the room in which the window seat is, like decorations, or books, or drawers for various objects.

You could drink your morning coffee there while checking your emails, do your homework/work, read a book, relax, listen to music, cuddle with a loved one… They are multifunctional and brilliant, really.

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