Factors to Consider for Going on Holiday with Disabled Children

Family holidays should always be fantastic experiences that will see you create many happy memories with those closest to you. For families going on holiday with disabled children, there are a few important things to consider before you go. When you are fully prepared, it ensures that it will be great fun for you and your children with minimum stress.


If possible, it is worth booking through a travel agency that specialises in arranging holidays for those with disabilities as they will be able to arrange a brilliant and stress free trip for you. This could include booking tours, arranging a wheelchair at the airport, finding a lift-equipped van, helping with public transportation, checking with hotels and plenty more.


Preparation and Research

Whilst it may seem obvious, the first stage involves planning your trip well in advance. This enables you to fully research travelling around and selecting accessible destinations that will be able to accommodate for your child. Additionally, it is worth contacting any places that you are travelling to and informing them of when you are arriving so that they are prepared. It is also worthwhile noting down the phone numbers of local health and medical associations as these organisations can be of great help.


Informing Your Childs Doctor

Before setting off on your big trip, it is also worth informing your child’s doctor as they may be able to further advise you. Additionally, they may provide you with a pack which could include a letter detailing your child’s condition, a list of medication, important contact details, health insurance cards and more.



Perhaps the area which causes the most stress and anxiety around taking a disabled child on holiday is travel. Simple and stress free travel is possible, but it will require the use of mobility vehicles and these can be the most efficient mode of transport. If you are required to travel by plane or train at any point on your vacation, it is always worth arriving early and also informing the company well in advance.


Making the Most of It

These are a few practical elements to consider, but it is also important to be brave, do not shy away from asking for help and try not to pack too much into your holiday. There will inevitably be stressful periods (like any holiday), but with a positive attitude and thorough preparation it is sure to be a fantastic and memorable vacation for you and your family.