Everything You Need to Know About Sewing Machine Needles

There is a wide range of Industrial Sewing Machine needles on the market today. Every sewing machine manufacturer also provides needles for the particular brand and model. These manufacturing companies include: Baoma, Bernina, Brother, Buraschi, Cosnew, Durkopp Adler. Excel, Gemsy, Juki, Singer and the list goes on. These brands also have various models under them and each model has a specific needle that works with it.

Needle Anatomy

A sewing needle is made up of ten parts; the butt, shank, shoulder, blade, groove, scarf, eye, point and tip. Some needles have different coloring on the shoulder denoting the needle type and size.

The butt enables you to insert the needle into the needle bar with ease. The shank allows you to position the needle perfectly in the machine. Home machines usually have flat shanks while commercial ones may have round, threaded, notched or other special shanks.

The slopping area between the shank and blade bears the colors – the upper color that will help you to determine what type of needle it is (e.g leather) and the lower one that shows the size (e.g 70/10)

The blade diameter determines the size of the needle. The groove, whose length and size varies according to the needle, guides the thread to the eye. The eye is the hole through which the thread passes. Right above the eye, there’s an indenture which allows for smooth take up of thread by the bobbin hook and creation of a stitch.

The points and tips always vary in size, shape and length in accordance to needle types.

Needle Types

These industrial sewing needles are classified into three broad categories

  • General purpose
  • Specialty Needles
  • Multiple Needles

General Purpose Needles

This category has three types of needles, based on their size, color code, feature(S) and fabric use.

  • Universal (Standard) point

This type comes in several sizes with no color code. It has a slightly rounded point and is used on numerous fabrics, both woven and knits. It is a great general purpose needle.

  • Jersey (Ball) point

Jersey type needles have different sizes with orange as the color code. They have a medium ball point and are used on knits as well as on some stretch fabrics. They are made especially for sewing on knits. The medium ball point does not break or damage knit fibers.

  • Stretch

Stretch comes in sizes of 65/9, 75/11, 90/14 and Twin. The color code is yellow and they are used for sewing elastic materials as well as highly elastic knitwear. Their specially designed eye and scarf prevent skipped stitches.

Specialty Needles

These needles are used for sewing special fabrics such as jeans, leather, microfibers, polyester, silk, foils, metallic threads among others. They include Jeans, Microtex Sharp, Metallic, Embroidery, Quilting, Topstitch, Gold Embroidery, Leather, Hemstitch, Quick Threading and Double Eye.

Multiple Needles

These are double or triple needles mounted on one shaft and used to make two or three rows simultaneously. Use two or three spools of thread with one bobbin thread. This type of needles include Twin, Universal Twin, Double Hemstitch, Embroidery Twin, Metallic Twin, Jeans Twin, Stretch Twin and Universal triple.

Buying A Needle Package

If you intend to buy a needle package, you need to know the type, size and system. This may not be so easy a task for you and that is why Sewing Machines Australia has simplified the process. All you have to do is know your sewing machine brand and model then click on the manufacturer’s icon on the website. You will find a wide range of sewing needles.