Effective Ways to Feel Good During Menopause

When you enter ”the change,” you‘ll find yourself with a wide range of symptoms to manage. From hot flashes to vaginal dryness, this stage of life really does provide a lot of significant changes. Fortunately, you can make these changes a little easier with a few methods to help you feel better during menopause. 

Supplement your conventional treatment.

Doctors may recommend hormone therapy and other medical treatments to relieve menopause symptoms. However, you can always supplement your formal treatment plan with less conventional methods. For example, consider adding the best probiotic for menopause or a similar supplement to your daily routine to ease your symptoms.

The right probiotic can improve your bone, heart, and joint health while reducing hot flashes and promoting weight loss. Consult your doctor if you’re considering a probiotic or ask their thoughts on adding other vitamins, such as black cohosh, flaxseed, calcium, vitamin D, and other vitamins and supplements, to mitigate the symptoms of menopause further. 

Regain your confidence. 


While trying to cope with your menopause symptoms, you can quickly lose confidence in yourself, worrying about your appearance or fluctuating moods. You‘d be hard-pressed to eliminate your symptoms, but you can put in the work necessary to adjust your mindset and regain your lost confidence.

For instance, if you love the comfortable elegance of maxi dresses, incorporate a few new pieces into your closet. A detail as simple as adding some statement accessories to your collection can transform your look and help you feel and look better. In more severe cases, a psychotherapist may be able to help you work through confidence issues and emotional blocks. 

Make yourself comfortable.


You can’t permanently eradicate the side effects of menopause, but you can make them more manageable. For example, if you‘re most worried about weight gain or digestive system distress, a probiotic supplement can help improve your gut health, minimizing diarrhea, constipation, and other digestive concerns.

Are hot flashes leaving you steaming with anger? Look into meditation and breathing techniques or products explicitly made to cool patients during menopause. By treating your most irritating symptoms, you can be a little more comfortable through The Change and beyond. 

Focus on foods. 


Beyond dietary supplements and other treatments, your diet during menopause is one of the most significant factors impacting your symptoms. For example, dairy products can increase estrogen (and yogurt has the added benefit of natural probiotics).

At the same time, healthy fats and whole grains can improve your overall health and decrease your symptoms. And, of course, fruits and vegetables are always a good idea for maintaining a delicious, nutritious diet! Additionally, avoiding certain ingredients—including alcohol, caffeine, salty foods, and processed carbs—can further benefit your health efforts.

Talk to your doctor.


Before adding new supplements or changing your diet significantly, you should always talk to your doctor. But, just as importantly, you should consult a healthcare provider if you’re worried about menopause symptoms and the impact they have on your life. Your general physician can certainly help, but an experienced menopause specialist will be uniquely qualified to treat your symptoms and help you find some much-needed relief.

As a bonus, a specialist will have more experience working with patients during menopause, offering an especially caring insight to make the process that much easier. 

Choosing a probiotic strain to help your digestive tract or considering what clothes and accessories will best let you feel confident once more, menopause comes with a wide range of symptoms and an even longer list of ways to treat them. Whether you’re worried about weight gain or looking to strengthen your immune system through this stage of life, various lifestyle changes, supplements, and medical treatments can make menopause symptoms easier to manage.