How to Edit Photos with Movavi Photo Editor

Many digital cameras will automatically put a date stamp on all the photos that you snap. The date stamp is usually placed on the lower right corner of the photo and it makes the photo inappropriate for framing. Photos without the date stamp appear more professional and are more suitable to be used in printed brochure. There may be no option for you to remove the date stamp from the photo on your digital camera. Even if your digital camera has option to remove the date stamp, you may not know how to access this feature.

There is an easy way to remove the date stamp if you are reluctant to crop your photo in order to have it removed. The solution is to use a photo editing software that is equipped with an object removal tool like Movavi Photo Editor. With Movavi photo stamp remover, you can quickly remove the date stamp without any professional skill. It takes only 1 – 2 minutes to remove the date stamp from the photo. So, if you have a lot of photos, it will just take a short amount of time to remove the date stamp from all of them. You can get Movavi Photo Editor from the download page at the Movavi site.

Once the photo stamp remover is installed on your computer, you will be able to find its shortcut icon on the desktop. When you click the shortcut icon, the program will open and you are to navigate to the Object Removal tab. The first button that you see under the Tools header is the red brush tool. You’ll need the red brush tool for marking the unwanted objects that appear in your photo.

You can adjust the brush size according to your need, for example thinner brush for marking smaller unwanted objects and fatter brush for marking larger unwanted objects. After selecting the red brush tool, you must paint over the date stamp so that it is completely marked in red. Finally, you must click the Start Erasing button and the date stamp will immediately be erased from the photo.

There are a few other tools apart from the red brush under the Tools. The eraser tool is useful if accidentally use the red brush tool to draw outside of the boundary of the unwanted object. It can erase away the unwanted red marks so that the software can more accurately recognize the unwanted object that you want to delete. The clone stamp tool allows you to apply a cloned pattern over an area. The clone stamp tool is useful for making the area that contains the blemish look more natural if the automated erasing feature did not properly erased the unwanted object. This can happen if the unwanted object that you mark in red is complex or that it has a complex background.

To use the clone stamp, you must first select the tool which is the last button under Tools. After selecting the clone stamp tool, you must place the cursor over the area that you want to copy and press down the Alt keywhile clicking on it one time. After that, you can move your mouse cursor to the area on the photo that you want to fix and paint it with the clone stamp tool. The changes will immediately be reflected on the painted area as you paint with the clone stamp tool.

The magic wand and lasso tools allow you to easily make selections on the unwanted objects in case you find it hard to use the red brush tool to draw along the boundary line. The variation tool allows you to determine the distance where the replacement pixels will be derived when it is recreating the background of the erased object. Lower variation value means the replacement value will be taken from a nearby area scope while higher variation value means the replacement value will be taken from a further area.