14 DIY Home Decor Ideas To Refresh Your Home This Spring

Can you think of a better time of the year to redecorate and refresh your home than spring? Honestly, I can’t.  The weather gets better in spring, everything wakes up and breathes with life all around. If you had been wanting to make some changes in your home and add some life to it, stop postponing and do it now. As nature wakes up and revives, so will your home, which will put you in a better mood and fill you up with positive energy.

Of course, redecorating is not always easy. It takes a lot of time, money and effort, and for these reasons you might not be willing to do it, and make excuses such as “I am completely satisfied with the way my home looks.” But, are you really? Even if you are, change is always good for you and you will be happy you tried something new. And lack of time and money is no longer a valid excuse, because I have some amazing DIY ideas for you which will help you redecorate your home without spending too much money. These ideas are easy to make and don’t cost a lot. In addition to that, the satisfaction of finishing a project on your own and doing something for yourself is an extraordinary feeling. Not only  will you be proud of yourself, but you will have a home that no one has, a home that is uniquely decorated and is an expression of your style and character. There is unlimited freedom in DIY home decorations. Use your imagination , roll up your sleeves and start working. You will be amazed with the results, and the joy of getting something done will make you love your newly decorated home even more.
Here is a collection of pictures we have selected for you that can be your inspiration. But, like I said, you have total freedom to do whatever you like. Go wild and have fun!

DIY Crate Coffee Table

Photo via www.besthousedesign.com

 Blackboard Decor

Photo via www.decozilla.com

 DIY Ladder Shelves

Photo via www.designanddiymagazine.com

 DIY Candle Jars

Photo via www.thewowstyle.com

 Wall Decor

Photo via www.homedesignboard.com

 DIY Mason Jar Flowers

Photo via www.thedailymeal.com

 Plate Decor

Photo via www.mychicadventure.com

 DIY Recycled Wine Glass

Photo via www.kuwans.com

 Cork Decoration

Photo via www.dollarstorehouse.com

 Button Art

Photo via www.pinterest.com

 Egg Shell Decoration

Photo via www.womandot.com

 Mason Jar Vase

Photo via www.interiordesignideasforhome.com

Mason Jar DIY

Photo via www.shelterness.com

Tissue Paper Pom Poms

Photo via www.imgkid.com