Different Features of Everyday Things Purpose You Haven’t Considered

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  1. These holes on the converse shoes are for ventilation;
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2. This serves to tell you which side of the car the gas cap is on.

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3.  The hole allows water to drain out of the lock when being used outdoors and also can be used to oil the lock for better performance.

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4. This is how you could use smart the hole of the pot.

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5. Have you ever wondered why is used the hole of the end of the pen? The hole is so there’s lower risk of suffocation if a small child (nervous adult) ended up choking on the cap.

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6. Those little wings secure your cable of unraveling;

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7. This tells you that you should eat just one at a time Tic-Tac;

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8. This is perfect way to drink coca cola;

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9. This is so you can get through those tiny protective foils easier, just unscrew the lid, flip it, and push on through!

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10. This serves to safe your hand and to secure you.

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11. This is to keep everything in the bottle.

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12. This serves to rest your fingers after ten letters writing. It sounds so cool, isn’t it?

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