Create Spiral Vegetable Garden And Be Proud Of Your Fresh Homegrown Veggies

Do you like the idea having fresh, homegrown vegetables to bring fresh flavors to your next meal? If your answer is positive, use this inspirational project and try to recreate this small stone vegetable garden spiral. It makes more space to grow a variety of vegetables in your backyard and it is a really beautiful architectural element near the patio because its pattern is totally eye-catching. Living in the city is not an obstacle anymore if you want to grow vegetables backyards. Learn how to create this spiral vegetable garden and be proud of your fresh homegrown vegetables. Enjoy!

This herb garden spiral is pretty simple for creating. First of all, you have to sketch out the design of your spiral in the ground. The soil should be neither too wet nor too dry.


Create a planting bed in the ground, using decorative or river stones, or bricks as an edging. This project uses river rocks to build raised garden bed.


It is always a good idea to raise the stones by adding two or three layers of stones, because the raised soil gives plant roots a few more inches of growing room, and the edging keeps the soil in place.


Once you place the stones and build the edging, it is time to put the soil. It is recommendable to use organic garden soil as a plant-friendly soil you can buy.


It will be necessary to add soil between the stones to hold the construction firm and in place.



After the overall design is completed, start adding stones inside over the soil and add more soil as you create the spiral. The idea is to gradually layer the gardening space using less and less stones for the plants to have enough space to grow and develop.



This is how the garden spiral should look like before planting the vegetables. It turned very well.


Once you plant the vegetables and they grow it will be even more beautiful. The greenery is appealing, but even more the veggies ready to be picked!