Create A Unique DIY Modular Sectional For Your Patio And Astonish Your Guests

If you have a patio or terrace outdoors, here you can find a very interesting and useful DIY project for it. You can have your guests invited in your home and let them be seated comfortably on this beautiful wooden sectional that you can create without too much expertise needed. All you need is some wooden cedar boards and cushions. Follow these step by step pictures to create a unique DIY modular sectional for your patio and astonish your guests.

To build this DIY project, take the measurement of the seating cushions, although you can made it with the dimensions you need or want. Arrange the wooden boards accordingly to make a well-built seat and fix them using wood glue and nail gun. After this, assemble the cushions above it and place them wherever you want.

  • After you provide cedar boards use miter saw to cut every piece in the dimensions you want, but plan that you should make boxes out of them, so adjust the dimensions.



  • Then use a drill to pocket holes.




  • Attach them and make the frame of the seat.


  • To complete the seat frame attach the legs.



  • Now it is time for the side slats. Use wood glue to attach them.




  • The top slats are last. Attach them also with wood glue creating a whole wooden box.


  • Now make the backrests. Prepare the posts.


  • Then, attach them to the back of each box with screws. The screws should go into the legs inside the box.



  • Make the wooden boxes one by one.



  • Then, attach them with wood glue and nails.


  • Now just add some cushions and your seating sectional is ready for use.


  • The interesting part about this piece of furniture is that, it can be used in a variety of ways. You can easily position it according to your needs as its size can be customized. You can use it as a chair, ottomans or a large corner piece accommodated with a coffee table. A couple of these seats can be arranged to make a well-built sofa. It depends on you how much parts will make. You don’t have to glue them all together because that way you will easily be able to arrange them in the order you want.