How to Convert your Basement into an Extra Room

In today’s world, you have to be a bit savvy when it comes to your money. There are a lot of things you have to be mindful about, one of this is when you’re growing your own family. Maybe you bought your home when you had one kid, but now you have three and are running short on space. Do you rush to expand your home to get a few extra bedrooms in? Just imagine your expenses. Getting a permit to improve your home will cost you a lot and there’s also the time factor to consider. However, you can renovate and be able to

The basement doesn’t have to be the damp space you use for storage. Instead, you can make it into an extra room if you need the space. Basement can be anything from extra bedrooms to home exercise or entertainment centers. If you want to convert your basement into an extra room, here are a few tips to get you started.

Figure out what you want it to be

You can’t start working on a building if you don’t have the blueprints. Similarly, you can’t convert your basement if you have no idea what you want to use it for. The purpose of the basement will determine the materials, colors and even design you use during the renovation and remodeling. The way you create a basement kitchen is not the same way you’ll design a basement bedroom.

Ask the Experts

When you’re converting a basement into a living area, whether it’s a home office, bedroom or gym, you need to consult the building authorities, or have a contractor do it for you. The authorities will give you the regulations you need to safely make your basement habitable.

Go Spring Cleaning

This just means that you need to purge anything you don’t need from the basement, and store the rest in a suitable space. When you’re making your basement into an extra room, you’ll need all the space you can get. That means that anything you don’t need in that room goes.

Make the Basement Safe

Basements don’t usually come with the same living standards as other rooms in the house, so they need a little TLC to become habitable. For you to convert a basement into extra useable space, you need to upgrade a few things. First, you’ll need to waterproof the area. If the basement is close to the water table, use a cavity membrane in the tanking. If not, a waterproof sealant will do. Make sure the company doing the waterproofing gives you an insurance-backed guarantee. Secondly, ventilate the room. Add a few windows if you can, then put in air conditioning to ward off the chill. Insulating with wood is also a good idea especially if you’re converting the basement into a bedroom.

Make it Comfortable

This is the part where you paint the room to suit your style. It’s also where all the furnishing, window, door and bathroom installations, as well as staircase building,  comes in. If you’re looking for a toilet for the basement bathroom, you can try saniflo toilets or pressure-assisted ones. Toilets that run on pressure and there are toilets that are great for waste disposal and convenient to install. Once you have the bathroom and room installations in place, you can move into your extra room.