Click Worthy bachelorette themes and props to make the bride’s day rock and roll

Getting married can get stressful for the bride. So, what about a night where the bride gets to drink and dance her heart out without worrying about the fitting session next day? Whether it’s a spring wedding or an autumn one, the bride and the bride tribe deserve some time off from all the chaos to unwind in some craziness. Are you ready for the night of your lives ladies, because we have everything you need to make it an unforgettable experience! Theme it right and prop it perfect with these incredible bachelorette ideas which will leave you craving for more.



  • Sleepover and PJs


Sleepover and PJs is number one on our list because of a specific reason- rest! If you take the bride out to dance and go crazy on the town, she will be exhausted. Take inspiration from Priyanka Chopra’s bachelorette night where all the ladies looked radiant and comfortable in their night PJs. Keep the bride busy with champagne and bachelorette games to wear off the stress for a night. You can also hire masseuses for a deeply relaxing massage for all.


  • The series theme


If the bride is a big TV fanatic, then surprise her with a themed bachelorette based on her favorite series. Everlasting Harry Potter, childhood memory revivals with Hannah Montana or Wizards of the Waverly Place and some super hits like GOT could be some of the considerable. Loop the bridesmaids in the idea as well for easy management. Add to the fun by organizing the drinks, catering, party favors, decor, attires, and activities & games per the theme.


  • Trick or treat


Want a spooky twist to the bachelorette night? Well then, Halloween is the theme for you. It’s a hauntingly click-worthy theme where hiring the best wedding photographers in Sydney will work wonders for you. Dress like a night queen with witch hats and brooms on standby to add the eerie flavour to your attire. You can also get a few custom-printed PJs, sweats, tanks or dresses to go with the theme for a consistent vibe and fabulous pictures. Send in quirky invites to get the party started.


  • Sunny beach day


Feeling low on the Vitamin-D? We got you covered! Pack a few gorgeous swimsuits and sultry lingerie for the perfect bachelorette weekend getaway. Why stick to just one night when you can plan a beach themed bachelorette weekend to let the bride and the bridesmaids unwind near a beautiful sea? The drink coolers, quirky sunshades, and fun on the beach will get you out of the nutshell and in the open to relax and rejuvenate before the big day. Once the beach fun is over, the next step will show you how to go crazy on the town at night.


  • Party like there’s no tomorrow


It’s time to hit the pubs! Drink up martinis and dance your heart out with tequila shots in your hand. Take the bride on a pub crawl for which she will surely thank you once she is out of the hangover. Beers, cocktails or hard liquor are all try-worthy tonight so wear the sexiest outfit in your wardrobe and own the night.


  • Yoga and some quirkiness


Well, mental and physical well-being is equally important, so last but not the least, yoga sessions can work wonders for your bachelorette. Hire a yoga studio for a day where it’s just the bride and the bridesmaids who get to channel their inner power and have fun while doing yoga. Ask your instructor to teach a few quirky asanas which will get your head spinning with enjoyment. Just like the beach tour, you can take on the night with a pub crawl after the yoga sessions as well.

If it’s going to be an indoor activity, you would want to hire professionals like Faure Valletta Photography who excel at professional headshots in Sydney and will help you produce evidence of the most celebrated day/night of your life. Don’t forget to mention the theme in the comments below which worked amazingly well for you.