Check Out The Jaw-Droppingly Fabulous Mansion Of Beyoncé And Jay Z

The 33-year-old pop diva Beyoncé and the 45-year-old raper  Jay Z live in an enormous house with ultra modern exterior, and even more gorgeous, elegant and luxurious interior. Day and night this amazing architectural design looks fabulous and breathtaking. It is impressive that even when inside, the couple can view the city’s landscape from one of the floor-to-ceiling windows. The mansion has eight bedrooms, 15 bathrooms, a candy room, a wine cellar, a 12-seat vodka bar and a 24-seat home theater. On the outside there is a curved infinity pool and a 16-car-garage with an elevator that can transport extra special vehicles to the basement showroom. Check out the jaw-droppingly fabulous mansion of Beyoncé and Jay Z that is a real dream house. We’re sure they can afford it. Enjoy!





  • We start the tour with this enormous and stylish living room that opens to the dining room and has a phenomenal view through the open windows surrounding this gigantic house.


  • This is an additional corner in the living room meant for private gatherings with family and friends.


  • The dining room is connected with the living room and it features the same style with a modern, crystal chandelier and a full wet bar. This whole area is an eye full.



  • The kitchen is also here in this circle, modern and equipped with stainless steel appliances. It includes also a fully stocked bar when some member of the family needs a drink.


  • Another breathtaking moment of this mansion is the garage, or car show room. I bet that those cars are here only to be displayed. And why not, if you have a collection of cars worth trillions of dollars.


  • And if this is not enough, the mansion has a proper theater inside. Absolute enjoyment!


  • The couple has also a whole game room with pool tables, table football and many more attractive masculine gaming options. The decoration of this game room fits perfectly and create a really enjoyable gaming atmosphere.


  • There is also a place for the ladies in the house. The infinity edged swimming pool is made simply for enjoyment.


  • As we all know Beyonce must maintain her perfect figure, and what a better solution than equipe a room and transform it into a work out room in the house.


  • Here are two of the eight bedrooms in this mansion. Elegant, luxurious with fine materials used in the design, hardwood flooring and floor to ceiling windows which are present almost everywhere in this huge house.



  • The master bathroom is as elegant as every other room and detail in this mansion. A full marble bathtub with sterling faucets, dark marble interiors, and more LA skyline view is the perfect combination that makes a dream come true bathroom.



  • As it is not enough, this mansion has also a climate-controlled walk-in wine cellar.


  • The youngest member of the family, the privileged two-year-old daughter Blue Ivy gets her very own home sweet shop, stocked with cascading candy dispensers. A real child’s dream come true.


  • This enormous home offers an insanely beautiful view from every angle. No matter from where you take a look, you will see the enormous LA. The patio with plush seating is spacious enough to enjoy a morning cup of coffee or an evening cocktail.





The view to the city is even more fabulous at night. The mansion also looks unbelievably amazing at night. The words are not enough, you have to take a look at the photos and see what I am trying to say here.