How CBD Oil Works in Your Body?

Image Credit: Pixabay

CBD has hit the spotlight as almost a panacea for a different variety of ailments. It comes from the hemp plant which is related to cannabis (marijuana) except it produces little to no THC which is the psychoactive compound found in cannabis. Therefore, there is no real “high” with the use of CBD oil at all. While some people report a sense of relaxation, many simply notice an improvement of various symptoms.

CBD and the Nervous System

There have been various success stories with CBD oil effectively treating seizures, neuropathy (nerve pain), tremors, anxiety, depression, and has even shown some success with Autistic children. It works by protecting the nervous system from a variety of potential damages. One problem we have is hyperactivity in certain parts of the brain and this eventually causes damage. CBD seems to even this activity out, thus helping people with many neurological problems.

CBD and Inflammation

Inflammation is the start and the cause of many degenerative diseases in the body. One of them is cancer. Not to say that CBD cures or treats cancer, but it does relieve inflammatory conditions. Such conditions include fibromyalgia, rheumatoid and non-rheumatoid arthritis, migraines, mood swings, and various aches and pains in the body that develop over time. As our bodies age, inflammation increases and it contributes to disease. If you can bring this inflammation down, you are benefitting your body by quelling the inflammation and the further damage it will cause while also relieving pain.

Immune System and CBD Oil

There are many presentations of immune disorders that can present themselves in the human body. The worst is cancer and CBD oil has been used to condition immunity in cancer patients. The results are not fully conclusive at this time but immune modulating pathways have been identified for CBD receptors on immune system cells, showing profound improvements in immunity. Autoimmune diseases are of a primary concern and many positive results have been shown with consistent use of CBD.

Overall CBD Action in the Body

It appears that CBD has several different actions in the body. The truth is we are not 100% sure of exactly how it all works. You see, CBD oil is more than just CBD. There are other legal cannabinoids, dozens of them, in the extracts. CBD is considered to be the most active of these compounds but now CBG, terpenes, and many other cannabinoid compounds are coming into the picture. American Hemp Oil can help you find the right CBD for your needs overall, regardless of how you wish to use it.

CBD is apparently coming up with a great deal of medical applications and people are simply trying to enjoy the benefits before it becomes a totally pharmaceutical product. We do not want that happening. CBD is perfectly legal and you can obtain it for your own use for conditions mentioned above or other conditions. As you read on through more information, you will discover a plethora of uses for this wonderful oil.