Bringing Disney Jewelry to Life!

Disney has played a magical role in our lives for so very long now, so it’s only fair that there is some magical jewellery to match!

Alice in Wonderland

Short-tempered, defiant and abrupt are just a couple of ways for one to describe the Queen of Hearts. The Queen is super quirky and it’s safe to say that less is always more. In this jewellery piece, you can see a solid, 18 karat gold earring drop. The shape is bold so that it stands out from the crowd, but the soft edge also means that it can complement almost any facial shape. The Queen of Hearts may be the angriest person around, but it’s safe to say that nobody can say no to these stunning earrings.

Beauty and the Beast

Belle is kind, gentle and generous. The Beast also has this side, but it’s never shown until he meets the wonderful Belle. When they fell in love, the curse was then broken and the Beast transformed back to his former self. These Belle drop earrings have a natural looking, ruby stone and they also have a gold tear drop too. They are the perfect addition to every princesses’ wardrobe, and the zirconia crystals really do make it stand out and shine.


They say that love conquers all, and that is especially the case when you look at these stunning earrings. This will suit anybody and with an aquamarine stone, it’s safe to say that you’ll most certainly be standing out from the crowd. The stone helps to promote self-confidence and it is also great at calming your fears. So, in the words of Elsa herself, let it go and project the self-confidence that deep down, you know that you have! This is a must-have piece for any jewellery collection.

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