Best budget activities to do in spring

Spring is typically regarded as an official end to winter, signaling the arrival of warmer weather – finally!

If you’re searching for a good time, this is the season for it. Spring is a time full of awesome and affordable fresher events with friends. 

Are you ready to kick start your spring? Here’s a list of activities to do to get you started.

Take Advantage of Classic Fun Activities

Local museums and art galleries: If you live in or near a big city, it’s always fun to go see what’s going on in the museums and galleries. 

Perhaps there’s a special exhibition that you want to see, or maybe you haven’t visited in years, and you would like to go on a trip with a group of friends. Most of the time, admissions will be free but remember you may be able to use your student discount.  

The cinema: get yourself to the cinema on a weekday before lunchtime, and you should find that your ticket is cheaper. 

Now, you might be thinking this is hardly a way to start my spring, but let’s be honest, the weather isn’t exactly reliable here in the UK. Treat yourself to some nachos, a big buttery bag of popcorn and a gallon-sized Pepsi – and you’re laughing!

Book a Staycation 

Do you have a particular destination in mind? A rough idea of when you want to go? Try gathering a group of friends and book a convenient date for everyone. 

Remember you do not need to book a trip abroad; take a look at some UK destinations such as Cornwall, Devon, the Welsh coast or somewhere similar.

Are you and your friends adventurous? Camping might be up your street. 

Camping is a fantastic way to experience the outdoors whilst getting a fix for everything nature has to offer – it’s also relatively inexpensive and ideal for students.

Get creative with your friends

When you are a uni student, you may not have seen a friend for a few months because you are in different cities. Why not see if they fancy a visitor for a few days? Got a new pal in Edinburgh and never been? Now is your chance to go! 

Sip and paint. For those who haven’t heard about the sip and paint experience, you are in for a treat. You and a group of friends can go to a class that teaches and encourages your painting skills whilst playing your favourite tunes and constantly topping your cup with your favourite tipple! 

Host a games night: everyone loves games! If you host a game night, make sure you have plenty of room and variety. Instead of having one game for everyone to play, you could set up stations. This way, you can encourage your friends to mingle! Oh, and be sure to have some game night nibbles and drinks.

Start your spring right; take a look at one of these suggestions and start planning! Create memories that are unforgettable and begin your enjoyment the right way. 

Now get out there and make the most of it.