This Guy Is A Complete GENIUS. I Thought His Backyard Idea Was Insane, Until I Saw It Finished!

Here is one excellent idea… Everyone wants for their gardens and backyards to have the best possible look. The creative work will be reflected in the aesthetic result. With other words, you can have a beautiful backyard if you’re willing to put some work, devote yourself completely and think a little bit outside of the box. Some people that have big backyards decide even to build a swimming pool that is a great option for refreshment in hot summer days. Anyone can build a pool in the backyard, but it takes a lot of imagination and resourcefulness to build a pond-swimming pool.

If you’ve never seen a pond suitable for swimming, this is a great example how one family built a pond pool in their own garden and the results are more spectacular than you can imagine. You are not dreaming. This creation is more than real.

DIY pond natural pool is an ideal alternative to a pool, but with additional benefits. You can even turn your existing pool in a natural swimming pond. Anyway, this project reduces maintenance costs and you do not even need to have experience of construction before its implementation. A surprising advantage of the swimming pond is that you can still have a beautiful landscape if it is too cold outside to swim, something that you could not achieve with a regular pool. Follow the instructions below. In no time, with commitment to the work, resoluteness, love and a little help from your family, until the next season comes, you will have a wonderful pond pool. Transform your backyard with the best in the world idea for pond pool, not only from aesthetic, but also from practical point of view! Don’t be skeptical at all, because at the beginning I thought this guy’s backyard idea was insane. Now I think he’s a complete genius.

 Good luck building your DIY beautiful pond pool!

  • This is how the garden looked before the work started.


  • Firstly the area needs to be dug up. The hardest part of the work has to be done with an excavator.


  • The following step would be to be installed pipes and drain pipes. In the following pictures you can see various views of the size of the hole in relation to the yard and house.


  • Then isolate the ground using several layers of foil to create the pond bottom.


  • Finally, place a large tarpaulin, very strong and completely waterproof, to retain the water in the pond pool.


  • In the basement, this family installed natural filtering system and a return pump.


  • With large dark rocks they created the walls of the pond. They also placed gray tiles on the floor of the pond. All stones used were dark gray to collect the sun’s heat and warm the water naturally.


  • Then, they covered the rest of the space with stones and gravel to cover the entire tarpaulin.


  • Their next step was to fill the pool with water and let the earth and dust to filter by purification systems.


  • After finishing the pool, they decided to arrange the surrounding of the pool. First, they created a structure of wood and metal around the pool.


  • Then, they placed a beautiful hardwood floor and some furniture.


  • The final result is an ecological swimming pool, sustainable, chemical-free and with no major long-term economic costs.