American Home Shield: An In-depth Look into Their Practices

American Home shield is among the oldest home warranty companies in America. Founded in 1971, it continues to set the pace as a leader in the industry to date. AHS is based in Memphis, Tennessee and provides home warranty services to more than 1.7 million homes in 49 states across America. It boasts of having over 10,000 independent contractors who provide door to door services.

AHS has an A+ plus rating on the Better Business Bureau. They continue to have a stellar reputation because of their flexible plans and great customer service. The company has easily accessible contracts, copies of which are available online for transparency. This makes it rank high among people who do not want to surrender their email addresses just to get a sample of the contract.

They also have clearly spelled out terms in their straightforward policies. They do not have confusing and unreasonable requirements like their competitors. Their generous coverage is based on location and is further adjustable by choosing different Trade Service Fees. This is an amount you pay every time a repairperson visits your home. These fees vary from $75, $100 and $200.
How does American Shield Work?

You first choose your protection plan. They have four plans to choose from including the option of building your own plan. This is a unique option with no other company in the home warranty market matching it. In the build your own plan, you pick 10 items that you own and cover only those items that you feel you would not attempt to fix yourself.

The other plans are the Appliance Plan, which covers most large appliances including garage door openers. The Systems Plan covers air conditioning, electrical, plumbing, ceiling fans, fireplaces and more. The Combo Plan combines both the Appliances and Systems Plans at a discounted rate.

The cost of these plans depends on the size and location of your home. Their prices are competitive and the choice to customize makes AHS reviews place it among the most highly ranked for the most cost-effective companies covering only assets that you value most.

Their coverage caps are also quite generous with the offer to pay put to $3,000 per item as opposed to other companies that only offer the same amount for the entire lifetime of the contract. Their premiums also vary according to location and preferred coverage.

After choosing your plan and paying your premium for the first month, the contract is activated after 15 days. After this period elapses, you can then claim for a coveted asset. They have excellent customer service who you can contact 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Their contractors, on the other hand, will only contact you during business hours on business days.

The Trade Service Fee is payable directly to the contractor once they arrive at your home after which they can then attempt to detect the problem. Once they are done, they will contact AHS to ascertain that the problem is included in your plan and then they can proceed to repair or replace if it is.

According to American Home Shield review the whole process seems seamless and uncomplicated with AHS using only the highest qualified contractors.

Why Choose AHS?

They have a large network of contractors, so you can be sure you will always get a repairman on hand when you need one. Contractors are provided with continuous education and bonuses for those who perform exceptionally. The downside of this is that while there are many contractors, they are only available during working hours on weekdays which mean no one is on hand to help you over the weekend.

They use only the highest qualified contractors, ensuring customer claims are settled with professionalism. However, the large network of subsidiaries means that sometimes sketchy contractors are able to slip through the cracks. Customers are encouraged to report immediately they notice something is amiss. These instances are always handled with utmost seriousness.

The payment of the Trade Service Fee each time a new contractor is called puts the customer at a disadvantage. It might get expensive over time if you have to pay a new contractor a few times before your issue is addressed fully. Some sketchy contractors may also just show up to collect the fee and then leave without having done any service or repairs. There is also no option for customers to choose their own repairmen so you have to settle for the person sent by the company.

They have many plans to choose from including the option of customizing your own plan to suit individual needs. Their cover gives you regular service visits for covered items and repair. Should covered items prove to irreparable they offer replacement and they have a proven track record with coverage caps of up to $3,000 per item. This sets them apart from their competition that covers the same amount for all items annually.

American Home Shield reviews on their customer service from their consumers have been growing. With 24 hour support, you can reach support at any time to file your claims. This means that even on weekends or after business hours they are readily available. The customer service support has been cited to be patient and knowledgeable by customers. Consumers also have the option of filing their clams online which is very convenient.

When it comes to settling claims, American Home Shield stands out from the rest. They will give you access to prescreened professional contractors and work to fix your issue as quickly as they can. While complaints about their contractors abound, it is very likely that a company that serves over 1.7 million homes will have a few hitches and glitches. There may be a few unscrupulous individuals who take advantage of the system but they are quickly caught and replaced as soon as customers report them.

AHS gives the best value for money with low caps on plumbing services and transparent representatives and policies. They are also quite convenient because of their wide coverage as opposed to another state restricted home shield companies. Throughout their 40 plus years of service, AHS reviews have continued to be positive from happy customers.