7 Stunning Features That Make People Think You Hired a Decorator

Ever wonder why an interior decorator in Melbourne makes such a good living? I’ll give it to them. They use some excellent skills and creative knowledge.

But now you can use it to.

While decorating requires a natural touch for artistic flair, some guidelines are simply logical. So anyone who knows the facts should be empowered to use them.

Do you want to gain some knowledge so you can brainstorm more effectively with your decorator? Or perhaps you have the courage to try using these tips yourself.

Correct Your Curtains

No, you don’t have to hang curtains at the height of your current rails. The previous home owner could have made a horrible mistake when installing them.

Here are the facts to help you determine the correct height.

The higher the point your curtains hang from the longer lines you create. This influences how high people perceive your ceiling to be.

Use this to your benefit in small, low ceilinged rooms. In large spaces you can lower rails if you want walls to seem shorter.

Find Focal Points

This is a term I hear all decorators use. And with good reason.

When other people can see what the focal point of your room is you immediately show how much thought went into the overall design. People will even feel comfortable because you’re directing their attention and taking control.

And a focal point helps you make all your other decisions. Use the fabric, texture and color of your focal piece of furniture to pick paint colors, patterns and décor pieces. Make sure each piece fits with your primary item and the entire room will give you a sense of unity & order.

Make Magic With Lighting

Decorators will hate you for knowing this secret. Lighting is usually how they impress their clients because it’s something everyone notices.

And now you can impress your guests.

Layer it

Interior decorators always make sure they create three layers of light:

    • Overhead lighting so there aren’t dark shadows. You want people to be able to move around rooms without experiencing difficulty seeing.
    • Task lighting is essential for activity areas such as kitchens or a study nook.
  • Mood lighting must be considered because decorating is about creating atmosphere. Adding different hues of light can brighten a room’s mood so spaces seem inviting and cosy.

And you thought you simply had to pick a new lamp shade!

Take it to the Side

We often settle for the conventional ways. And most lights are positioned above activity areas.

But bathrooms require a different approach. You’ll have a much better view with lights from both sides of your face. This is how they do it in professional dressing rooms. Why can’t you enjoy the same benefits?

This is a prime example of how we should always aim to use décor to make a room more functional.

Pull Random Items Together Like a Pro

Here’s what decorators do well. They can take diverse items and make them fit together. It will seem as if they were designed to be in the same room all along.

And you can do this too.

Use Fabrics

Use the same types of fabric on different furniture items. Note that I state ‘types’. You don’t have to make it dull by using one design everywhere.

Use different colors of the same textured fabric. Alternatively use exactly the same colours but in different types of fabric.

People will pick up on the similarities and marvel at your genius.

Use the Right Frames

What about your walls? I know you love the photographs of your family. Do you have to frame them all the same?

Once again you simply need a color, texture or design that’s repeated in each frame. Now you can fill an entire wall with your photos without it seeming too random.

Are you getting excited about decorating your home yet?

Some Bold Moves

Here’s where it takes some courage to decorate on your own. Interior design does require a few bold decisions. This ensures the end result is striking.

Use these tips to get you started:

    • Place one piece of art on an open wall that it covers more than half of the space. Striking, right? With this you’re making a statement. If it’s a design you love it will communicate your personality. And that’s what interior design is all about.
  • Purchase some paint in a bright color that fits with the overall color scheme. Paint a small table or chair and see how it affects the room. Not all your pieces must blend into the background. Some items are supposed to stand out.

Now you’re starting to think like a designer.

Purchase What Looks Pricey

Of course an expert designer has a keen eye for quality furniture. These add style and sophistication to their surroundings.

But you can do this even when your budget is limited. And wood surfaces are always excellent options.

Look for pieces with wood finishes that resemble classic or even antique pieces. They don’t have to be expensive. You must simply think they deserve a hefty price tag. If you think so other people will think the same.

Get Creative with Carpets

Decorators also know the functional aspects of each type of décor. They don’t see carpets as simple floor coverings.

The correct carpet or rug can transform an entire room.

Firstly you need to match colors and patterns. They can be striking if the rug is a focal piece. Alternatively they can blend in with décor and help showcase other pieces.

And then there’s the size. Don’t try this without a rug sizing guide because this actually takes some skill. Such a guide will help you plan which size will achieve your goal:

    • Do you need a large rug to create an allocated space for tables and chairs? A rug defines where people should be during conversations. You must afford them enough space.
  • Do you need a small rug to cover cold surfaces beside your bed? Don’t pick one too small or it won’t serve its purpose.

Your measurements are crucial. In most cases it’s best to center the rug. If you can’t leave equal distances on either side your room will look out of balance.

Yes, you must keep a few guidelines in mind with each decorating decision you make. But as you get experienced you’ll know exactly which option is the best. Try using these guidelines to save some money. Or perhaps it’s time you discover your hidden talents.