6 Healthy Habits to Avoid Obesity

Obesity is a serious health concern and thousands of people in America are obese due to their poor dietary choices and hectic lifestyle. When it comes to dealing with obesity, the first solution that comes to our mind is “starving”. Unfortunately, starving is not the ideal solution. In fact, if you stop eating or consume a low quantity of food it will do more damage to your overall health. Here are the 6 tips that willhelp you prevent obesity.

Don’t forget to eat breakfast: Lots of people think that they can reduce calories by skipping breakfast, but studies have proved that eating breakfast helps you consume less total calories throughout the day. In fact, men who consume breakfastweigh approximately 3kg less than men who skip breakfast; and in case of women, regular breakfast eaters weigh 4kg less.Also, if you eat cereal for breakfast you will have lower BMI.

High fiber food is your best friend: Instead of the burgers and pizzas, you should eat a bowl of brown rice and sautéed vegetables as lunch and you will not feel hungry till dinner.High fiber food items contain fewer calories, almost no fat and keep you full for a long time. Whole grains also provide vitamin B6, magnesium, and other nutrients. Thus, you eat less, but your body gets all the necessary vitamins and nutrients.

Eat raw green vegetables: You mother must have forced you to eat vegetables when you were a kid and you never liked it, but trust me green vegetables can keep your body in shape perfectly. You should eat carrot, broccoli, and zucchini as much as possible and that too regularly. Salads provide you lots of vitamins and the necessary energy to tackle your hectic office life.

Regular exercise is a must: Whether you are already fat or not, exercise should be a part of your daily routine. Exercise improves your fitness, burns excess fat, and also boosts your metabolism rate. You may not join gymnasium in case you don’t have much free time, but you can surely go for jogging every morning or use a skipping rope at the terrace. The goal is to stay in shape and keep obesity at bay. Besides the obesity issues, if you want to know about Elisa interpretation then visit our website.

Consume chicken and fish for protein: Just because the previous points talk mostly about fibers and green vegetables it does not mean you have to skip meat and fish items completely to stay in shape. Protein is as much necessary as vitamins and carbohydrates. You should eat some protein (fish or chicken) during lunch and dinner to ensure a balanced diet.

Healthy nuts are good for you: Don’t they say that nuts contain fat? You are correct, but recent studies have shown that though nuts are fatty they help you reduce weight. The healthy fat in nuts makes you feel that your stomach is full even if you did consume a few nuts. Therefore, you should add almond and other popular nuts to your regular diet to win the fight against obesity.


Obesity not only makes you feel ashamed, it also paves way for other diseases. Hence, follow the guidelines mentioned above to get a lean and fit body you always wanted.