5 Ways to Make Your Next Remodel More Energy Efficient


More than likely, for your kitchen renovation or living room update, saving energy probably didn’t make the list of pros or cons, but perhaps it should have been right there at the top. If you are considering a remodel, why not also improve your energy efficiency in one fell swoop?

When choosing between new or used cabinets, granite or laminate countertops, and whether or not to include recessed lighting above the sink, why not go ahead and also include an efficient way to lower your home’s energy bill?

Let’s start with the basics.



  • Check for Moisture


When tearing up old floors, changing out dishwashers, or even making updates to the newest stainless steel fridge, make sure to check for moisture. Damage such as water intrusion or condensation can hurt your home’s air quality, so fixing these issues will improve the breathable air and discourage potential mold growth.


  • Only Use a Minimal Amount of Framing


Your particular area will legally allow a minimal amount of framing when adding walls, and that is the amount you should use. This will lower your lumber bills while increasing the available space to include insulation. Essentially, the more installation you have, the more energy efficient your home will be.


  • Insulate or Add New HVAC Ducts to High Traffic Areas


This tidbit may not apply to every renovation, but whenever possible, consider adding new ducts to areas of your home that are being cooled and heated. Instead of installing them in the attic or basement, place them in a more high traffic area. If this is impossible, simply insulate the hidden ducts and make sure they are balanced.

In addition to adding insulation to the ducts, make sure that all new forms of lighting are also insulated properly. If recessed lighting is an option in your next home renovation, have the electrician make sure the new lights are properly insulated, otherwise they can cause to major air leaks, which costs you money.


  • Add Wall-Mounted Toggle Switches and Blackout Curtains


For renovated areas that previously received a great deal of sunlight, there are ways to naturally decrease that heat to save money on the air conditioner. Adding wall-mounted toggle switches allows for you to dim lights to save money and reduce that small amount of extra little heat within the room.

Likewise, adding new blinds or even blackout curtains in certain areas can reduce some of the outside heat from entering your home. In addition to saving money by not using as much AC, these methods can also help trap heat during winter and make for a relaxation room to catch up on sleep any time of year.


  • Include a Humidistat that Links with Fans


In another effort to reduce the chance of mold and improve the air’s breathability, installing a humidistat will help decrease moisture when it begins to rise. The device will detect the wet air and automatically turn on the bathroom fan to start eradicating that moisture and reducing the chance of mold.

Improving your breathable air is one the most important things you can ever do within your home. After all, your health is not up for debate. Damp or moldy environments can cause nasal stiffness, wheezing, coughing, eye or skin irritations, and throat problems, to name a few potential issues.


Remodeling your home can be a great deal of work, but while you’re putting in the hard work, it’s best to kill two birds with one stone and go ahead and up that energy efficiency while you’re at it.

Some of the best ways to improve your energy efficiency and your HVAC output would be to check moisture, use less framing and more insulation, insulate or replace ducts, add toggle switches and blinds, and to include a humidistat in areas with high or above average humidity, such as bathrooms.

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