5 Inspirational DIY Cute Quotes on Cards

Tell your loved one how you truly feel about them in a unique and inspirational way through a few cute quotes on lovely cards, which you can make them yourself. It’s a great way to express yourself and separate from the majority by using love cards instead of things like the internet. Here are a few very interesting cards which we found and compiled together in order for you to express your feelings and emotions in one of the most romantic ways.

You have my heart.


This is a very innovative card, made from different materials. Cut out the words from different books or magazines, so they have different styles and fonts, then make a heart out of 3 different colored papers. Express love in an interactive way with this card.


I love you more than all of my favorite things.


Make a chain of hearts with some paper of your loved ones favorite color. Then, on the paper write “I love you more than…” and proceed to write some of your favorite things, like TV shows, the smell of rain, coffee, etc… Fold all the hearts into an accordion-style and put them somewhere to surprise your partner.


I will always want to spoon.


This is one of the most interesting love quotes and cards out there. Just write “I will always want to” and put a plastic spoon next to the words.


Love spools.


Write a few love quotes onto a piece of paper and cut it to the length of the spools. Then glue one end of the paper to the spool and roll up the rest. Tie the paper to the spool with some decorative string.


Bottle message.


This is a really cute idea demonstrated in this lovely and illustrated tutorial. Find a small glass bottle, put a piece of string through the cork and on the other side of the string tie a piece of paper with only the very best love quotes written on it.