5 Ideas That Will Spruce Up Your Deck This Spring

Now that the weather is warming up, you’re going to want to spend more time soaking up the sunshine in your backyard. The only problem is that your deck is looking worse for wear. You need to spruce it up.

Brown-haired Woman Sitting on Brown Wooden Chair on Patio

The Costs of a Deck Makeover

You can spruce up your deck without spending a ton of money. As long as you’re willing to put in the effort and get creative, you can manage a complete makeover on the cheap. 

But, there are times when you can’t pinch pennies and trust in DIY.

Maybe halfway through your project, your deck reveals the signs of a termite infestation. Maybe the grading was done poorly, and it’s sending water into your basement. These are major problems that you can’t ignore and that you can’t fix on your own. 

If you can’t afford to extend your budget, CreditFresh has options to check out like a personal line of credit by CBW Bank that’s designed for these types of unexpected emergencies. You can quickly access the funds to take care of the problem and move on with the project. 

Before you start the deck makeover, read these five ideas for inspiration. 

1. Wash It Down

Your deck has been collecting dirt and grime over the winter and could use a thorough clean. Rent a power washer from your local home hardware store and spray it down. It will make a big difference. 

2. Stain It 

You should consider staining your deck to refresh the look of the wood planks and make the feature look more expensive. With the right stain, you can make a basic pine look like rich mahogany from a distance. 

3. Add Some Green

Another simple makeover idea is to put a vertical garden up the side of your deck or against the wall of your house. It’s an easy way to add decorative flair to a plain feature without sacrificing any floor-space. As an added perk, it will make the deck smell amazing.  

4. Light It Up

Putting up string lights around your deck and fence is the perfect way to bring a little more warmth into your backyard. You’ll love seeing the space light up whenever the sun sets. It will also come in handy for the summer when you’ll want to eat and drink outside. 

5. Refresh the Furniture

You could replace your lounge chairs, patio tables and benches with a new set. But, that would put a big dent in your budget. To save money, you can do a few things to your outdoor furniture to make it look as good as new:

  • Wipe the dust and dirt off 
  • Sand off any splinters and imperfections
  • Wash throw pillows, cushions and covers
  • Add fresh coats of stain or paint

Being able to refresh items around your house is a DIY skill that can really come in handy. After a little practice, you could always flip and sell items that you don’t want anymore and use the income to fund more home projects. 

Your deck could be the perfect space to relax and unwind. Once you’re done with the makeover, you can sit in the sunshine and get lost in a book. You can bring out your morning coffee and watch the sunrise. It will be your little slice of paradise.