5 Handy Hobbies That are Easy to Learn

Hobbies are great. They help fill your spare time with something you find interesting.

But what if your hobby was actually useful? What if they could be used to earn extra money, break the ice, or even just get you out of a jam?

You’d be attracted to doing that hobby if it makes you more productive. Even more so if that hobby is easy to learn. Because if it’s easy to get into, then it should be a fun hobby, right?

So here are some handy hobbies that are pretty easy to learn.


The fun of magic is in keeping people guessing. If you enjoy showing off or just like to know how things work, magic is a great hobby for you.

Yes, some people can parley it into a side business or even a full-time career, but even if you do not choose to pursue a business venture, it can still be useful.

You can use sleight of hand to break the ice with people you don’t know. Quick; pick a card.

Lock Picking

It may sound like an unusual hobby, but this skill can help you open locks that you have forgotten the combination to or that you have lost the key.

All you need is a set of beginner lock picks and some instructions to get started.

If you can pick a lock, you can get into your old foot locker without destroying it. You may also win the admiration of friends and neighbors when you can use your new hobby to help them out of a jam.


Whittling, like many hobbies, takes a lot of practice if you want to master it. But the practice is half the fun. The other half is in creating things.

Whittling is considered a primitive craft. That means people have been doing it a long time.

It usually produces decorative items like figurines. It can be used to create useful items as well such as bowls and walking sticks. There are many people who will pay handsomely for hand-carved items.

If you want to begin learning how to whittle, consult your local library, the Internet, and YouTube for the best knives and on how to get started.


Knitting was once thought to be the go-to hobby of little old ladies. But no more. In recent years, knitting has become hip.

If you can make a hat, scarf, or sweater for someone, it has a way of impressing people.

Blankets and afghans make great shower gifts and have a lot more meaning for the recipient when they know that it was handmade.


Many gardeners see gardening as a zen activity. Whether you are growing vegetables or flowers, just spending time, quietly, out in nature, has a tendency to lower blood pressure.

Many gardeners enjoy gardening because they find it relaxing.

On top of that, it can produce beautiful flowers for your yard or centerpiece. You can even produce a salad to go along with your dinner.

Ready to Start on Your New Hobby?

Hobbies are a great way to engage your mind whether you are learning a new skill or practicing an old one. They can be fun or relaxing or even useful. The hobbies in this list are pretty easy to learn.

When you can accomplish something worthwhile with your spare time, you may find that you enjoy your hobby that much more.