5 Expert Tips To Illuminate Your Home

Whether you’ve recently invested in a fixer-upper home with an unbeatable asking price, or you are searching for simple upgrades that will genuinely transform your home’s interiors, lighting can have a massive impact on your home’s overall look and atmosphere. While there are so many interior decorating guides out there that will help you enhance your home’s decor, prioritizing the lighting in your home first is a great place to start. These expert tips will ensure you can illuminate your home perfectly.

Light Your Home With Security In Mind

Lighting-controlled home security will ensure you get the most out of your lighting plan as your chosen lighting won’t just illuminate your home as it will also serve as a handy security feature. Having complete control of your lighting system means you can automate lighting to turn on and off according to pre-programmed timings. Some lighting control systems even allow you to control your home’s lighting from a distance, enabling you to deter intruders by giving the illusion that your home is occupied. However, having control over your lighting system also adds convenience to your everyday life, so the small investment will go a long way for quite a few undeniable reasons. 

Plan Ahead

Just as you would plan ahead when preparing to remodel your kitchen area, you should plan ahead when redoing the lighting in your home. You will need to consider aspects such as how to hide cords that can be unsightly, the proximity of lighting fixtures to plug sockets, lighting switches, and the specific placement of each lighting fixture while also considering any free-standing lighting choices. 

Functionality Comes First

While lighting can be used to decorate your home, you should first consider functionality as a main priority. Therefore, before you start picking out the most elegant lampshades and accent fixtures, you should consider how many light sources each room or area of your home will need. Larger rooms should have at least three lighting sources or more for proper illumination, while smaller spaces may be fine with one or two sources of light. It is also best to utilize natural light sources when creating your lighting plan.

Choose Fixtures That Act As Accents

When illuminating your home to add to the look and atmosphere, your lighting fixtures’ choice is essential. You can consider modern chrome pendant lighting, enchanting chandeliers, or elegant free-standing lampshades that flow with your existing home decor. However, you should be sure to opt for pieces that compliment the room without overpowering the rest of the decor. You can use lighting as main accent pieces, although you should still opt for simplicity over extravagantly detailed options that stand out too much.

It’s In The Bulbs

Your choice of lighting fixtures and how they flow with the rest of your home’s interiors are not the only important detail when redoing lighting. There are various types of light bulbs out there, and each can provide a different atmosphere. White light bulbs are best for your home areas that should be well-lit, while you can add yellow or orange bulbs to additional lighting sources to create a softer feel. Be sure to carefully consider your choice of bulbs with as much priority as you do when choosing the type of lighting fixtures.