5 Ballet-Inspired Fashion Tips You’ll Love


Ballerinas are the cream of the crop when it comes to dance-inspired fashion. Since gracing the stage during the 15th century Renaissance, ballerinas have embodied the dreams of small children and adults alike.

In addition to their strength and grace, ballerinas have been the inspiration for centuries of fashion. That fact remains true even today. Here are five of the best ballet-inspired looks to bring out your inner dancer.


To put your prima ballerina on display, tops should be of thin fabrics that allow for movement and lightness. Rayon, chiffon, and cotton blends are the optimum materials to look for when shopping. Look for conservative cuts, with scoop necks and moderate V-necks. Excess fabric and ruffles add a feminine flair that will move when you do, whether onstage or walking through daily life.

Wrap-style tops rather than zippers and buttons keep your top looking soft and stage-ready, while eyelet cuts add texture and allow for airflow.


Ballet-inspired bottoms can come either in the form of skirts or pants, depending on your style preferences and the event for which you’re preparing. For ballet-inspired pants, simple leggings will do. Look for cropped leggings or bandage-style leggings that can be wrapped around your calves and tied at the ankle, reminiscent of pointe shoes. Alternatively, you can just buy dance pants from the source at https://www.justforkix.com/dance-pants.

Skirts, like tops, should be flowy and light, allowing for freedom of movement. Wrap skirts made of rayon provide coverage while maintaining a dainty, airy quality. Tulle skirts have become extremely popular over the last few years, both in formal events and for regular day wear when dressed down with a casual top. You can also find tulle skirts with less tulle and a rayon underlay to reduce the puffiness.


Dresses offer the same styles as pairing tops and a skirt, with more flow and consistency. Long sleeved wrap dresses also offer a more mature, conservative approach that separates often lack, should you desire that style. Again, look for fabrics that conform to the body and allow movement. You can find many ballet-inspired dresses that present a tutu style bottom, with a form-fitted, sleeveless bodice, reminiscent of Carrie Bradshaw’s iconic outfit in the starting credits of Sex and the City.

Unless you have a specific dress in mind, purchasing separates allows for more versatility, giving you the opportunity to offset the ballerina look with a more professional or sophisticated piece.


Ballet flats are the obvious choice for invoking your inner ballerina. They are extremely versatile in terms of fabric, style, casualness, and elegance. Furthermore, they are generally more affordable than other shoe styles. As such, ballet flats have become a staple in almost every woman’s wardrobe, from office workers to CEOs to dance moms.

For office wear, invest in a nice pair of suede or leather ballet flats. For casual wear, the options are endless. Different colors, cuts, and materials create endless options to go with any outfit. To keep it simple, purchase a pair in black and an alternate pair in nude. If you want to incorporate your quirky personality, you can even get ballet flats that look like cats or unicorns.

Workout Gear

As ballerinas are so physically active, many of the inspired fashion options are made for movement. The leggings mentioned before are perfect for many different forms of exercise– though you will want to ensure they’re “squat proof” before hitting the gym– and wrap tops are great for over a sports bra.

Sports bras with lace-up backs are stylish and pay tribute to ballet attire, while wrap tops are perfect for donning during a warm-up. Form-fitted workout tanks with moisture-wicking fabric and mesh or lace backs are also pretty yet functional.

If you love the fine arts and always dreamed of being a dancer, incorporate these different ballet-inspired looks for comfort and class.