4 Tips to Use Essential Oil to Improve Home Aroma

An ideal home should have a fresh smell and should be rich of aroma. Essential oils are ideal in deodorizing and scenting your home to give it a pleasant and attractive fragrance. The smell of a clean house with a pleasant aroma is not only wonderful but also energizing.  Even better, the scent of a fresh fragrance will boost your mood instantly and make your home feel cleaner. Today, there exist many commercial products in the market that can be used to add scent and deodorize your home. Due to the costs, complications, and dangers associated with commercial scent products, it is important to use essential oil to give your home a pleasant aroma. Essential oil is extracted from plants in its purest form. When breathed in, essential oils often interact with the brain as well as the nervous system thus boosting your mood and improving your health. The soothing, sensual scent of essential oil will increase the energy and improve the quality of air in your home. There are many ways in which essential oils can be applied and below are 4 tips to use them to improve your home aroma.



  • Use an Oil Diffuser


Diffusing essential oil fragrance with the help of a good diffuser will make your home smell nice. This method is not only easier but also safer than other methods that can be used in diffusing essential oil in your home. Oil diffusers will help you dispel natural fragrance in your home thereby benefiting from the numerous health benefits present in the essential oil. Most of the oil diffusers present in the market today are electric, powerful, portable, and convenient appliances for diffusing the aroma of essential oil in your home. Overall, having a high quality diffuser for essential oil is important in giving your home a freshening aroma.  Apart from being safer and easier to use, oil diffusers are the best appliances that can be used in dispelling scent thus giving your home the best fragrance. Oil diffusers have also proven to be effective in aromatherapy. An oil diffuser will spread the scent of essential oil to your whole house and grace your home with the best natural aroma.


  • Use an Air Spray


Using a hand air spray is both the easiest and quickest way to improve the aroma of your home as well as the energy around you. Moreover, air sprays are cheap and cost effective since they do not require any additional appliances or power. You can easily acquire one of the available air sprays stocked in the market, or you can use a DIY air spray. These air sprays are very effective when it comes to deodorizing and freshening any room in your home. All you have to do is to mix the essential oil with the correct amount of solvent, mostly water, based on the concentration of aroma you want your home to have. Air sprays can be used selectively to give different parts of your home different scents.


  • Combine Essential Oil with Baking Soda


There is nothing more satisfying than making a home deodorant and freshener to give your home a scented touch using your own cooking or baking ingredients. Combining essential oil and baking soda makes a perfect natural oil freshener and deodorizer that can be applied in cleaning and giving your home a sensual natural fragrance. This tip is essentially important if you own pets since this combination can be easily applied to clean and add fragrance to the carpets and rags used by your pets in the house. Cleaning and deodorizing your carpets and rags with this natural combination will eliminate any bad smell and give your home a pleasant aroma.


  • Make a Scented Pouch


A pouch is a great way to diffuse essential oil scents in your home to improve aroma and your mood in general. You can make your own scented pouch using two pieces of fabric and sponge, or you can acquire one from the market. Scented pouches are cheap, reliable, and portable. You can use a single pouch to scent your whole house by moving it from one room to another, or you can acquire several pouches and put them in different rooms within your home. Scented pouches can be put inside your wardrobe, shoe rack, laundry room, bathroom, kitchen, living room, or bedroom to diffuse pleasant fragrance and grace your home with the finest essential oil aroma. The scent of a single pouch can last for a couple of weeks or months.