4 Tips for Finding the Right Engagement Ring for You

Engagement rings aren’t just another piece of jewelry. Engagement rings represent so much more — they’re a commitment, a promise, a vow. It’s important to find a stylish ring that really speaks to you and represents all of the love and passion in your relationship.

Don’t stress out. Jewelry shopping is difficult enough already. Getting too in your head will make you indecisive and make the selection process that much harder. Too avoid busting your brain over choosing the right piece, here are some helpful tips for finding the perfect engagement ring.

Define a Budget

The first thing you should do when buying any kind of jewelry is create a fixed budget that you’re willing to follow. Nothing derails shopping for an engagement ring like an uncomfortable disagreement on your price point, so save yourself the hassle by having a clearly defined price in mind.

There are plenty of factors which affect how much an engagement ring costs. You’ve likely heard about the 4 Cs (cut, clarity, color, and carat weight) which each have a significant impact on the price you’ll end up seeing at the register. For instance, if you’re looking for a big rock on your ring finger, know that a heavier jewel comes with a higher cost. If you’re looking for rings crafted with alternative materials or gemstones, that will impact your budget as well.

If you’re able, do some research on your preferred style of ring and its typical costs. That way, you’ll give yourself a spending range as opposed to a hard price point. This allows you to be a little flexible if you find the ideal ring. There’s no bigger heartbreak than spotting the perfect engagement ring only to find that it’s a total bank breaker.

Know What You Want

One of the toughest questions when it comes to ring shopping is why you’re purchasing it. Maybe you’ve found a gorgeous diamond on your favorite shade of rose gold band. You picture yourself showing it off to friends and family and you think it would go perfectly with a lot of your outfits. Then there’s the vintage heirloom ring you and your future spouse came across at a consignment shop that really spoke to you. So do you pick the one that is a flat-out fashion statement? Or do you opt for something that’s not quite as cute but has more of an emotional pull?

There’s no easy answer and it’s something you’ll have to decide for yourself when it comes time to shop. However, it’s best for you to have some idea of what you truly want before you start the process. Otherwise you’re likely going to become overwhelmed. If you’re surrounded by options that all seem like solid choices, chances are you won’t be able to make any sort of decision.

Write out a list of the features your dream ring will have. Map out cuts, colors, and styles ahead of time to save you (and your partner) a lot of stress and time when you start shopping. This allows you to eliminate any non-contenders right off the bat and makes it more likely that you end up finding the perfect fit.

Consider Going Custom

The days of the jewelry market being controlled by big chains are over. From repetitive designs to mass-market rings, it’s safe to say that nobody wants an engagement ring that thousands of other people have also purchased. That’s why considering a custom ring design is a great investment. It’s a better reflection of your style and personality. A custom jeweller knows how to take your concepts for an engagement ring and distill them into a beautiful piece that you’ll treasure forever.

Always do your research beforehand. Even though there are plenty of places to find custom engagement rings in Brisbane, you’ll want to familiarize yourself with the jeweller’s portfolio and have an idea of what you want. Whether this means you’re bringing sketches, example photos, or even just your ideas, have a defined idea of what the finished product will look like.

Keep in mind that the word “custom” comes with a cost. You should definitely budget to spend more than you would on a mass-produced ring depending on your list of requests. If this is a trade-off you’re willing to make, you’ll find yourself with a ring that’s a true story-starter that you can cherish for years to come.

Do It Digitally

Few shoppers consider online storefronts when it comes to purchasing an engagement ring. After all, it seems a bit risky to purchase jewelry sight unseen. However, there are many reasons to consider planning your engagement from behind a computer screen, such as variety and value.

If you choose to go into one particular store to look for your ring, you’re usually limited to what’s on display. When shopping online, you remove a lot of those limitations. Consider a platform like Etsy, for instance. Etsy possesses a seemingly unending supply of crafters who provide unique products that are outside the scope of a traditional jewelry shop. From unconventional materials like wood and stone to colors and gems you won’t find on your grandmother’s engagement ring, these less restrictive online storefronts are full of unique pieces that are stronger reflections of your individual tastes.

Plus, online ring shopping is probably one of the most economical options out there. When it comes to alternative materials that aren’t traditional sterling silver or high-carat gold, you’ll find that prices are a lot more flexible. One of the biggest trends in modern ring making is the use of wood. Wood rings are beautiful statement pieces that are typically hand-carved and sold for a fraction of the cost of your average in-store jewelry.

If you’re concerned about the risks of shopping for a ring online, take precautions. Look for sites that offer free exchanges or size alterations. Many online shops now offer hassle-free returns if the product doesn’t quite match up to your tastes. You may also consider a simple warranty in the event that you’re having second thoughts about your purchase. As long as you’re smart about your shopping, you should be fine. Besides, if you can buy clothes from online dress boutiques without any trouble, why not give an online ring shop a go?

Tracking Down the Perfect Ring

When it comes to your engagement ring, only you can tell when you’ve found the right one. Rings quite literally come in all shapes and sizes which can make your initial search a little overwhelming. Don’t let the process frazzle you. Picking out a ring should be a special process shared by you and your partner. If it starts to feel like a stressor or a chore, you may want to reassess your approach. However, you’re ready to start your search after you hammer out a price range and make some decisions as to what you want. You’ll find that it’ll be all the more easier to find the engagement ring of your dreams.