4 Smart Tips for Buying Hair Extensions


Transitioning from lengthy locks to a sleek short hair is simple, all it needs is a trip to the hair salon or couple of minutes and a pair of professional scissors. However, how about if in an instant you want to have long hair? I bet a couple of minutes won’t do, and you cannot grow your hair in hours, days or even weeks. Of course, there is another way, Hair Extensions!

There are swift and straightforward ways to get luscious volume and hair length in no time. Whether it’s your first time buying hair extensions or if you are already an avid buyer, you must never forget that not all hair extensions are made equally. There are a variety of textures, colors, lengths, volumes, and styles. The price is not the only difference between quality and standards, and there are several factors you need to consider, so why don’t you check out some tried and tested tips for buying the best hair extensions.

1. Natural human vs. synthetic

These two options are fantastic, but human hair extensions are much preferred. Synthetic hair isn’t practical at all, not only you have to replace them in a shorter term, but there’s also lots of limitation when wearing them. You cannot prefer your style since you cannot curl, blow dry or flat-iron them. Though there are synthetic extensions that offers a heat resistant feature, perming and blow drying could lead into a much lesser timeframe for usage.

Human hair extensions, on the other hand, looks natural and easier to style; thus you’ll never feel bothered that someone will notice that your precious locks aren’t natural at all. The usual concern of the customer usually is the price since it’s given that a real human hair extension costs more than it’s synthetic counterparts, now that’s an easy fix since you can find high-quality, cheap human hair extension online without exerting much efforts in going to the salon.

2. Different hairstyles

Various hairstyles of hair extensions can be easily found in the market, if you are out of the budget to get all the styles that you want, then get a human hair extension since it offers endless possibilities when it comes to styling. You can always bleach or dye your human hair extensions, not only that – you can go from straight to curly with the same set of hair extensions that you have. If you feel lazy about customizing your hair, don’t worry since you can also opt for buns, braided and ponytail extensions. It’s your choice, and you can go from hair wefts, clip in or tape in extensions.

3. Shedding test

Shedding is something you have to check if you are buying hair extensions, it’s a primary factor if you are monitoring the quality. No matter how virgin or high quality the hair material is, its no use if the hair strands fall off easily. It’s essential that you do some testing before buying an extension, merely comb your fingers through the extensions and see if the hair sheds or not. A poorly made hair extension will always have a falling hair mess

4. Length

If you are longing for a long-term hair extension usage, make sure you are decided about the length that you want.  Remember when you are still having second thoughts about the range that you prefer, go with clip-ins rather than tape in extensions or a semi-permanently attached micro rings. Do not forget to visit your hair stylist when wearing an extension, even if you bought a do-it-yourself clip in extensions,  it’s better to have it trimmed to add body to your hair and for best results.

Hair extensions gave us the freedom to bring the best out of hair, and it allows us to lengthen and volumizes our hair within a matter of a few minutes. This smart invention is not only for the rich and famous; you can even go from short to long hair overnight. Hair extension nowadays is somewhat affordable; you can get you cheap human hair extension if you are doing a little bit of research through reading recommendations and reviews. You already know the tricks, so go ahead, you deserve that sexy long hair and go ahead with your hair extension purchase.