4 Reasons Why You Should Consider Moving to Arizona

Moving to a new town is an exciting time in any individual’s life. It gives you the opportunity to turn a new leaf and start fresh in a new area. However, deciding where to settle is the most difficult part of moving. You don’t want to rush your decision and have to pack up all of your things if you aren’t satisfied with your new town. If you are looking to move to a state with great weather, beautiful people, and plenty of opportunities, why not Arizona? To make things a bit easier, here is a list of all of the reasons why you should consider moving to Arizona. 

Amazing Weather 

There are hundreds of reasons why people make the move to Arizona, however, the amazing weather is only one of them. In this state, the summers are full of sunshine and the winters are cool. Temperatures in the coldest months rarely drop below 37°F, which explains why so many people live in this state. The state has over 320 days of sunshine, so if you are a sucker for hot weather, Arizona is the place to be. 

Plenty of Opportunities 

Arizona is also full of opportunities, both in terms of affordable housing and jobs. This state ranks third nation-wide in terms of job growth, only behind Oregon and Utah. Not only does Phoenix boast of one of the largest emerging industrial sectors, but it also has great job possibilities in sectors like trade, transportation, hospitality, and financial services. Secondly, the cost of living in this state is very affordable. There are plenty of Arizona homes for sale, with the average price for a pad ranging around $1,000 a month for a 2-bedroom apartment. 

The Grand Canyon 

If the good weather and abundance of opportunities doesn’t convince you, Arizona is also home to one of the Wonders of the World – The Grand Canyon. This is arguably the most famous attraction of the United States and around 5 million people visit the state each year to bask in the breathtaking landscape. This isn’t the only beautiful and picturesque attraction that Arizona has to offer, there are also many national parks, including Horseshoe Bend, Monument Valley, and Antelope Canyon. 

Outdoor Sports 

If you love being outdoors and engaging in sports, you won’t regret making the move to the Copper State. Given the amazing weather and unique geography, there are countless outdoor activities to partake in. You can go fishing along the Colorado River, snowboarding in the Arizona Snowbowl, and kayaking in the Saguaro Lake. The red-rocked backcountry that Arizona has to offer is surely enough to entice any adventure seeker to make the move.  

Make sure you research as much as you can before you decide to make a move. Factor in things such as housing availability, the cost of living, the quality of life, and the cost of relocating to this new state. The last thing you want is to feel regretful about your decision.