3 Warning Signs You Need to Call a Plumber

How plumbing works is a mystery to most us, yet we depend on this utility every day. Luckily, we have experts in this field to help us recover from issues cause by plumbing problems. Plumbers know the intricacies of the systems in our homes that make water miraculously appear for us instantly at the turn of a tap. But, you likely don’t live with a plumber, so being aware of certain warning signs that mean your pipes are having problems is important.

The quicker you address the problem, the better it is for your bank account. If you can’t properly diagnose the source of the issue, it’s best not to try to fix it yourself. Things can quickly get out of control if you fail to call an expert in time. A water leak can can be disastrous and can lead to huge messes and unforeseen costs. So, it’s time to put up the drain cleaner and the plunger and give the plumber a call quickly if you become aware of these three problems.

Low water pressure

Many of us have felt the aggravation of dealing with low water pressure in our homes. Simple activities such as washing dishes or showering can easily become difficult and time-consuming. A simple annoyance might be turning into a huge problem that’s growing larger day by day, so don’t ignore it. Leaks in a house’s water pipes will cause the water pressure to drop, leading to other problems with the plumbing.

Hearing water in your pipes

Do you hear water running through your pipes when no one is using water? If so, you might have a leak. You will want to inspect your walls, ceilings, and floors to see whether you can detect any water spots or pools of water. According to the experts at Pipe Surgeons, water damage from leaks within the house can cause black mold and water damage to wood and other surfaces, including within walls and under flooring. Checking your water meter to see whether it’s spinning when no water is in use can alert you to problems. If the flow indicator is moving, you have a leak somewhere in your house or yard. If you detect a possible water leak, a professional plumber can accurately find the source.

Foul Odor

A foul odor may be difficult to pinpoint, especially when it’s coming from your plumbing. Sewer gas forms when solid waste from humans and animals decomposes. The gas contains ammonia, methane and hydrogen sulfide, all of which are toxic when inhaled in high concentrations. Other odors can also be tremendously annoying and uncomfortable to withstand. Leaky pipes and clogged drains can cause a number of health issues if left unchecked.

Repairing major water leaks is expensive. It’s smart to have a professional plumber make a thorough check of all the pipes in your household. Consider having an annual inspection of your home for potential problems or leaks. Catching problems early is the key to saving lots of stress, aggravation, and money.