3 of the Most Uplifting TV Shows of All Time

Whether you are feeling a little down, or want to keep the good vibes flowing, sometimes you just want to watch a good pick-me-up show. There is plenty in the news to keep you frowning all day long. But, turn that frown upside down with an uplifting television show.

This is a list of the six most uplifting TV shows of all time. In 2015, alone, almost 500 new scripted programs aired on cable TV. So, there were a lot of contenders for the 3 best of all time.

And, here they are! If one of these doesn’t make you smile, nothing will.

The Most Uplifting TV Shows Of All Time

These 3 most uplifting TV shows span the generations. If you like classics, try M.A.S.H. or From the Earth to the Moon. For contemporary comedies, try out Parks and Recreation and The Good Place.

No matter when the show originally aired, you can watch just about anything with an IPTV subscription. Whatever your genre preference, one of these TV shows will hit your funny bone and show a little sunshine in your soul:

1. Parks and Recreation (NBC, 2009)

Parks and Recreation is one of the most popular comedy TV shows to air on NBC. Amy Poehler, from Saturday Night Live, plays Leslie Knope. Leslie is the director of the Parks Department in a small Indiana town, called Pawnee.

Pawnee isn’t very special, except for being the most obese town in the nation. By no means is it a top travel destination, but the people in Pawnee are worth sticking around for.

Through everyday foibles and hijinks, Leslie tries to improve her fat, little town. Some days she wins, and other days–she tells herself she wins. Either way, you win by watching the first two or three episodes.

Also–Saturday Night Live is a pretty uplifting TV show if you haven’t already given it a try.

2. M.A.S.H. (CBS, 1972)

M.A.S.H. is an old school, laugh-track TV show comedy, about the Korean War. This show has survived the years because of the tactful balance it strikes, between the horrors of war and farcical humor.

M.A.S.H. follows the surgeons and staff in one of the Mobile Army Surgical Hospitals that existed during the war. Hawkeye Pierce, played by Allen Alda hosts the audience through episode after episode of struggle, relationships, and joy.

No other show on TV has ever been able to show such a grave subject matter while uplifting the audience in every episode.   

3. The Good Place (NBC, 2016)

The Good Place is a breakout hit on NBC, currently in the airing of its third season. The show follows Elenor Shellstrop, who is surprised to find out that she made it into ‘the good place,’ instead of ‘the bad place’. In fact, there has been a little mixup for Elenor and a few others.

The Good Place is uplifting, hilarious, and intellectually stimulating for the philosopher in all of us. But–don’t worry–it never gets too thick.

Final Thoughts

These are just a few of the best uplifting TV shows of all time, but they are a good start. One of these will be sure to put a smile on your face. If you’re looking for some sunshine, just go to one of these three TV shows and you won’t be disappointed.

If you know these shows and agree, then share the most uplifting TV shows with your friends on social media. And check out the blog for more top inspirations. Thanks for reading!